Inadequate Supervision in Nursing Home Led to Resident’s Death

When our parents become elderly they are often unable to care for themselves in their own homes. Often times, children make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing facility. Nursing homes are supposed to provide proper care and supervision; therefore, we feel that our loved ones will be kept safe from harm. Sadly, that is not always the case. All too often, nursing home residents suffer from neglect or abuse while living in these facilities. Recently, a lawsuit was filed by the family of a woman who died because of alleged nursing home neglect.

Insufficient Measures Taken

According to the lawsuit, the nursing home failed to take sufficient measures to prevent the woman from falling. The woman suffered several falls while she was a resident of Sunrise at Fountain Square. The claim states that the nursing home did not adequately supervise the woman. This lack of supervision allowed a situation that caused the woman to fall. The woman was seriously injured as a result, and these injuries contributed to her death.

Evaluation of Fall Risk

When a nursing home agrees to care for a patient at their facility, they agree that they are able to provide the type of care the resident needs. Every patient is different, and some require more care than others. Even the same resident’s needs may change over time. The nursing home should evaluate the risk of falls of each resident in their facility. If the risk of falling is high, special care must be taken to monitor the resident to prevent falling. The nursing home in this case did not properly evaluate the woman’s fall risk.

Multiple Falls Contributed to Resident’s Death

Falls are the most common cause of injuries to the elderly. Many people living in nursing homes will fall at least one time during their stay. One of the most common reasons for falls is inadequate supervision. Nursing homes may not have enough staff members to monitor all of the residents. Residents may need to stand or walk, for example, to use the bathroom. If there is no staff member available, the person may end up walking on their own. This can lead to a dangerous situation and possible fall.

Falls Are Dangerous

Falls are dangerous to the elderly. While a younger person will simply get a bruise, an older individual could suffer a broken bone. Broken bones often require surgery. This means that the resident could be bedridden for a number of weeks or months as they recuperate. Bedridden residents are at high risk for some common problems including pressure ulcers, and pneumonia. Therefore, indirectly, the fall caused the resident’s health to decline. Very often, the patient is simply unable to overcome the many problems facing them after this type of injury.

Get Legal Help for Nursing Home Neglect

Falls, bedsores, and other injuries are often signs of neglect in a nursing home. These problems should not occur. If your parent suffered an injury because of possible nursing home neglect, you and your family are entitled to justice. Call the legal team at Levin & Perconti for a consultation to talk about your situation.

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