Illinois Republican Primary For Governor & Protection for Injured Residents

Chances are that you have seen at least one political advertisement over the past few weeks urging you to support a candidate for Governor. Tuesday marks the primary election where candidates for each party will be selected for all Illinois House, Senate, and constitutional offices.

The most high-profile race is the Republican primary for Governor. The winner will most likely take on current Governor Pat Quinn in the November election. Considering Quinn’s poor approval ratings, whoever is selected by voters next week has a good shot at winning in November and taking the state reigns next year.

Make no mistake: political decisions have a tremendous impact on the rights of all Illinois residents who are injured, including seniors in nursing homes. Considering the stakes, it is important to make an informed, educated choice this election to ensure the candidate you choose reflects the values that matter to you.

Questions About Rauner
According to virtually all polls, the current frontrunner in the GOP primary is wealthy businessman Bruce Rauner. Based on his past statements and actions, Illinois residents should be particularly wary about how Rauner would lead the state if given the chance.

We have already discussed the shocking allegations against Rauner, claiming that nursing home residents were severely injured and even killed as a result of poor care at facilities that he partially owed. Rauner invested in companies that purchased nursing homes in order to make a profit. However, according to many allegations, once buying these facilities, resources were drained. The owners–like Rauner–made money, and it was the vulnerable seniors in the facility who paid the price.

But the nursing home issue is not the only question mark regarding the candidate.

Take, for example, the Illinois Worker’s Compensation system. Demonized by Rauner as a bastion for corruption and fraud, there is a good chance that injured workers would see their support drastically limited by a Governor Rauner. But it this really necessary?

As the Illinois Trial Lawyer’s Association have laid out clearly, many of the claims made against the system are simply inaccurate and misleading. For example, opponents of the system like Rauner often claim, as proof of the problem, that insurance companies do not want to provide worker’s compensation insurance in Illinois. This is simply false. According to the ITLA, there are at least 330 companies competing for coverage throughout the state–one can bet that they would not be doing so if it was unprofitable for them.

Not only that, but despite protestations to the contrary, Illinois is actually below average in the total number of claims made based as a percentage of state workers. And the numbers are decreasing. Over a recent ten year period (2003 to 2012), the total claims dropped by around twenty eight percent.

The bottom line: Please consider the effect that political decisions will have on the rights of everyday Illinois residents, including those hurt in accidents. It is important to think beyond the overheated rhetoric and make choices based on fair and accurate information.

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