Illinois Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuit Connected to Poor Communication

Communication. Therapists giving advice to married couples, coaches trying to improve their basketball team, and countless others have pointed to “communication” as a key problem–or, a lack of communication. The ability to transmit information to one another in efficient and reliable ways is obviously a critical skill, affecting every area of life–including nursing home care.

In fact, a good number of nursing home neglect lawsuits point to communication breakdowns as a key cause of the preventable harm in question. Many different individuals–doctors, nurses, aides, administrators, other residents, family members, therapists, and more–may be involved in the care of each senior at these facilities. It is important for all of them to share information about necessary care in order to prevent tasks slipping through the cracks and seniors being harmed.

New NH Lawsuit
That sort of communication breakdown is pointed to as one mistake that led to the death of a nursing home resident according a new wrongful death lawsuit. According to details shared in the Madison Record, the suit was recently filed in the Madison County Circuit Court against the involved facility and other individual professionals/medical organizations connected to the nursing home.

The article explains that in mid-2011 the senior in question had colon surgery. As is common after these sort of medical procedures, the senior needed close care during her recovery. As a result she temporarily moved into a nursing home to help with that immediate care before transitioning back to living in her regular home. She was transferred to the defendant-nursing home for that rehabilitation support.

Yet, as happens far too often throughout Illinois, the woman’s family claims that critical caregiving errors were made while she was at the nursing home.

Most notably, the complaint initiating the lawsuit claims that there was a breakdown in communication related to blood test results. The test results were faxed to the nursing home. Those tests showed that the senior had low sodium levels. Yet, the facility apparently never received the fax, and those sodium issue was subsequently not handled at all.

As a result of the medical condition being left untreated the senior had swelling in her arms and legs which spread to her face. This resulted in a short hospital stay. Upon being dismissed back to the nursing home she immediately showed signs of other problems–slurred speech and shortness of breath. Eight days later she was dead–from respiratory distress and heart failure.

Eventually the senior’s family filed nursing home neglect and Illinois wrongful death lawsuit. The matter is in the early stages of the process, as the complaint was only filed late last month.

If you or a family members has ever suffered harm as a result of communication problems at a nursing home, be sure to get in touch with an injury attorney to learn about your legal rights. Our legal team has decades of experience on these specific issues are proud to work with families through the state of Illinois.

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