Illinois Nursing Home Violation: Three Springs Lodge Nursing Home

Illinois officials recently released the latest Quarterly Violators report listing Illinois nursing homes that have violated basic resident health, care, and safety laws. The Three Springs Lodge Nursing Home from Chester, Illinois recently received several Type “A” Violations from the Illinois Department of Public Health and fined $12,500. The violations resulted from the facility’s failure to properly prevent and handle Illinois nursing home abuse involving the unacceptable conduct of one employee at the facility.

Investigations into conduct at the facility by state investigators revealed that several residents were abused at the home and the employees were negligent in their actions to prevent and account for the abuse.

Specifically, reports indicate that ne frustrated certified nurse’s aide threw a resident’s shoe at her, striking her in the chest was proclaiming, “Heres’s your shoe.” In addition, the same employee abused another resident. For reasons unknown the CNA cursed out the resident repeatedly. On one occasion while washing the resident’s underarms, the employee angrily let her arms drop without support, causing them to inappropriately slam against her wheelchair. The victimized elderly resident did not have any control over her arms because of an earlier cerebral vascular accident. The pain of the attack left the resident in tears.

Instead of immediately taking action against the abusive employee, the aggressive aid’s superior allowed her to finish work for the day. In fact, other employees who witnessed the abuse did not immediately report it as required. Later the abuser explained that she did what she did because the resident was not cooperating and the employee “did not have to put up with that.” The attacker’s co-workers eventually reported that employee was often verbally aggressive with the resident-curing at them often.

Confidential interviews revealed other instances of abuse by the employee. She intentionally scared other residents on certain occasions to the laughs of her co-workers. Others reported that this particular employee liked to “torment” certain residents.

Our Illinois nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti remain saddened for all of the victims of poor nursing home care in our state. It should go without saying that all elderly residents deserve same the respect, protection, and concern that other community members receive. They do not automatically become less important parts of society because they need assistance in certain basic matters. Failure of these facilities to take steps to prevent intentional abuse and mistreatment of residents is never acceptable. Be sure to contact an Illinois injury attorney if you know of any conduct like that exhibited here.

This information was culled from the Illinois Department of Health which produces quarterly reports on nursing home violators.

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