Illinois Nursing Home Violation: Albany Care Center

The latest report of Illinois nursing homes that have violated basic resident health, care, and safety laws was recently released by state officials covering abuses in the first half of 2011. The Albany Care Center from Evanston was on the list and received several Type “A” Violations from the Illinois Department of Public Health and fined $12,500. The violations resulted from the facility’s failure to conduct proper safety evaluations of offenders at the home, which resulted in increased risk of Illinois nursing home abuse.

The facility was required to conduct a risk assessment and social evaluation plan for residents of the facility which showed a propensity for violent behavior. Investigations into conduct at the home discovered that one particularly aggressive resident had physically abused another, ulatimtely resulting in the victim being sent to the hospital with three fractured ribs, a fractured vertebrae, and a collapsed lung.

Subsequent inquiries into the cause of the violent outburst and ways that it could have been prevented showed that the facility was negligent in its handling of the residents involved. Specifically, the home did not has an assessment in place to understand the triggers for the violent resident’s behavior. The resident in question was known to have a severe mental illness. Because of the facility’s failure to properly understand the resident’s particular risks, he may not have been receiving the rehabilitative services he needed to address his aggressive behavior.

On top of all that, the aggressive resident was not properly supervised, ultimately allowing the violent outburst to occur. Even after it did happen, the facility staff failed to have a proper policy in place to notify local authorities about the injury of the resident.

Our Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti have experience fighting for victims of negligent nursing home care like that exhibited here. It is imperative that these facilities treat residents with the same respect, protection, and concern that all members of society deserve. Failure to take action against a resident who was shown to repeatedly violate basic standards and interaction with others is never acceptable. Be sure to contact an Illinois injury attorney if you know of violations like the one here.

This information was culled from the Illinois Department of Health which produces quarterly reports on nursing home violators.

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