Illinois Nursing Home Violation: Alden Gardens of Waterford

The latest report of Illinois nursing homes that have violated basic resident health, care, and safety laws was recently released by state officials. Alden Gardens of Waterford, a nursing home in Aurora and owned by the Chicago nursing home chain, recently received several Type “A” Violations from the Illinois Department of Public Health and fined $10,000. The violations resulted from the facility’s failure to properly notify a resident’s physician of medical problems and other examples of Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect.

Most of the residents at this particular facility are extremely vulnerable, requiring staff assistance to perform all tasks-85 of the 91 residents function at a profound level of mental retardation.

One resident at the facility is a 16-year old with severe mental retardation who also suffers from cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, and is a quadriplegic. An employee was giving the resident a bath when she discovered blood near the girl’s vaginal area-she soon discovered a cut. The victim was ultimately not sent out to receive evaluation and care at a hospital until late the following day.

While at the hospital, a rape kit was completed on the victim. The doctors there noticed a possible hymen tear. They listed the problem as one with a high suspicion of being caused by sexual abuse.

After the hospital visit, employees at the facility explained that they waited to send the victim to the hospital, because they did not expect anything like sexual abuse or other problem needing immediate emergency care. This lack of action stood in direct contrast to the abuse prevention plan purportedly following by the nursing home.

Our Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti have experience fighting for victims of negligent nursing home care like that exhibited here. It is imperative that these facilities treat residents with the same respect, protection, and concern that all members of society deserve. There is no excuse for failing to ensure that residents with severe mental illness are properly protected with abuse possibilities taken seriously. Be sure to contact an Illinois injury attorney if you know of violations like the one here.

This information was culled from the Illinois Department of Health which produces quarterly reports on nursing home violators.

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