Illinois Nursing Home Neglect Accusation Involving Withholding Medication at Manor Court Nursing Home

The Republic reported late last week on a particularly troubling allegation of Illinois nursing home neglect. According to the report, a nursing home nurse was recently charged with criminal elder abuse and neglect for her treatment of a resident at the facility where she worked. Specifically, the forty six year old nurse was arrested by Madison County authorities in southwestern Illinois after accusations of medication problems at the Manor Court nursing home.

Prosecutors believe that the nurse consciously decided to withhold medication from an eighty three year old resident of the nursing home. The information that is currently available suggests that the medication withdrawal occurred over a forty five day period from January to February of this year. The victim was eventually hospitalized for a time, but he was then brought back to the nursing home. He later died at the facility. Further analysis is necessary to determine whether or not the medication withholding was specifically a cause of the man’s death. It is also unclear what motivated the nurse to refuse to give the medication to the senior who counted on it. More information will hopefully come out as evidence is collected. The woman is currently charged with criminal neglect of an elderly person with bail set as $75,000.

Our Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys are proud to have years of experience working with victims of this nursing home mistreatment throughout the state. We have helped families in the Madison County region who had loved ones suffer injury or death because they did not receive the level of care to which they were entitled. When the mistreatment leads to the death of a loved one (as it may have done in this case), then a wrongful death lawsuit and survivor’s action are usually both filed to hold the wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

If the allegations in this case are true, then the misconduct may be easier to prove. Usually, a significant part of these cases revolves around proving that a nursing home employee or facility was negligent, leading to the harm. Negligence is a lower level of mental culpability than intentional actions. Negligence depends on a reasonableness analysis that requires the presentation of a variety of evidence regarding the actions of the involved parties and comparing those actions against those normally conducted by a reasonable person in the situation. However, when intentional misconduct occurs, much of that analysis essentially proves itself. It takes much less work to show that intentionally withholding medication from a senior patient in need is inappropriate and may lead to harm to the victim.

If you believe that a loved one in a nursing home may have been hurt by the improper actions of the facility, please do not let it go by without notice. Take the time to visit with an Illinois nursing home abuse lawyer, explain the situation, and see what legal options are available. That is the only way that true accountability can be had and changes can be spurred at a facility that may spare the lives of future victims.

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