Illinois Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Filed Against Willowcreek Rehabilitation

For decades our Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys have worked with families across the state that suspect that their loved one is not receiving or did not receive the level of care to which they were entitled at a long-term care facility. Making the decision to seek out professional help is a difficult decision for many families, but unfortunately it remains an all too common necessity. Poor communication problems plague many of these negligent Illinois nursing homes. Inadequate care, dangerous accidents, and other problems are swept under the rug and ignored if not pressed. That is why many families who ask questions about certain problems developed by their loved ones do not receive any adequate answers.

When loved ones develop suspicious injuries or complications while living at one of these facilities without adequate explanation, it remains important for families to do what is necessary to receive an explanation. Not only does the well-being of the relative hang in the balance, but the proper treatment of all the vulnerable seniors who live at the home hinges on whether outsiders step up and do something. Unfortunately, on many occasions those on the outside remain silent and Illinois nursing home neglect continues unabated.

Fortunately, there remain some families that do come forward and press for accountability and answers. For example, last week the Madison-St. Clair Record reported on a new Illinois nursing home lawsuit filed by a southern Illinois man who they died because of inadequate treatment at the Willowcreek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center last year. The family claims that the victim lived at the home for a short time-from September to October of last year. However, they do not believe that he received the care that he deserved during that time.

In the complaint filed by the family initiating the suit, they claim that their loved one died at the end of his stay-October of last year-because of that poor care. Before his death the victim became severely dehydrated, developed a blood bacterial infection, and had a perforated colon. This combination of health problems led to the man’s death, and his family believe that he would not have suffered from these problems if he had only received the care that he deserved while living at the nursing home.

In order to get better answers and seek accountability for the suffering of their family member, the victim visited local legal professionals to explain their situations and see what could be done. As often happens in these situations, the Illinois nursing home abuse attorney explained that the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act provides specific legal rights to the surviving family members of those killed because of poor care at long-term care facilities. The family filed suit recently and will begin the legal process to hold the facility accountable for the death of their loved one.

Now that the suit has been initiated, the victim’s attorney will work to collect more information about the care that the man received and the circumstances leading up to his passing. Once a lawsuit is file the discovery process allows plaintiffs the opportunity to have access to documents and records that often shed light on the treatment received by residents. Unfortunately, it is usually only after taking legal action that these facilities open up this information and share it with residents. In addition, in more extreme cases some facilities have even gone so far as to create fraudulent records to make it seem as if care was more thorough than it actually was. The complications inherent in rooting out the truth in these matters makes the assistance of experienced professionals in this exact area a necessity.

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