Illinois Nursing Home Lawsuits Alleges Neglect at VIP Manor

The Madison-St. Clair Record reported this week on a new Illinois nursing home neglect lawsuit brought by the special administrator of a deceased man who may have been killed because of inadequate treatment at his long-term care facility. According to the report, the fifty two year old man was at the VIP Manor facility in Edwardsville when he was taken from the facility to a nearby hospital. Upon his arrival at the medical facility, care workers discovered that he had severe bedsores, infection, and low blood pressure. While at the facility, the man was also diagnosed with a bone infection in his lower spine. During that infection treatment, the victim developed an infection of the colon-colitis. The colitis was caused by bacteria overgrowth. He ultimately died a month after he was first brought to the hospital. The suit that was filed in this case alleges the involved facility violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, leading to the harm.

Of course, bed sores (also known as pressure sores) are common indicators of nursing home neglect. These serious skin breakdowns are almost always preventable so long as proper, hydration, nutrition, repositioning, and skin treatment are provided. Nursing home staff members are aware of the risks of pressure sores, and it is incumbent that they be properly trained to prevent their development. Failure to do so is negligence, and victims who suffer harm as a result of the bed sores have legal rights to hold the facility and caregivers accountable.

Many local residents are unsure what legal issues are involved when the actual loved one that they suspect was mistreated has passed away. Our Chicago nursing home neglect lawyers have worked with many families in this situation. A variety of legal options are available to these families. An Illinois wrongful death lawsuit can be filed, which is brought by a victim’s children, spouse, or parents (and sometimes siblings). They seek to compensate the victim for the specific losses that they suffered as a result of their family member being taken from this.

In addition, a suit can also be brought on behalf of the losses suffered by the deceased him or herself. In those situations, as here, the suit is technically brought by a “special administrator” of the estate of the victim. These survivorship cases seek compensation for the harm to the individual killed. Any recourse that is awarded is then returned to the victim’s estate. It will then be distributed as other items in the man’s estate
Survivorship statutes and wrongful death lawsuits are usually brought in conjunction with one another. Our Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have helped many local victims of nursing home neglect with these suits. If you or someone you know has found themselves in this situation, please have them get in touch with our office to learn how we can help. It is normal often be unsure about whether a specific situation has legal implications or not. Often it is only after an individual visits with a legal professional that they learn for sure whether they had good grounds to file a suit.

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