Illinois Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed Against Cedar Ridge Health & Rehab After Resident Death

Yet another Illinois nursing home lawsuit has been filed against a facility after allegations that inadequate care that it provided led to the death of a resident. According to information in the Madison St. Clair Record this week, the wife of the victim filed an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit against Covenant Care Midwest, which is the nursing home company which owns the Cedar Ridge Health & Rehab Center. As is common in cases such as this, a variety of other medical caregivers were also named in the suit for their own role in the mistreatment which led to the death.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff is alleging that Cedar Ridge provided inadequate care from the moment that he entered the facility in the summer of 2009. Specifically, the victim’s wife claims that it was clear to the staff members at the facility that her husband had blood issues. Therefore, it was incumbent that the employees of the facility closely monitor his condition to measure the time that it took for his blood to clot. However, the plaintiff believes that the facility failed in this duty. The pleading states that about a month after the victim moved into the home the 53-year old resident developed rectal bleeding. However, his wife believes that the home did not properly recognize or monitor his condition. This ultimately meant that the man slowly lost blood without receiving any treatment to correct the condition. The blood loss led to a heart attack which proved fatal.

After trying to piece together all of the components which led to her husband’s death the woman realized that she needed some assistance with the effort. She visited an Illinois nursing home neglect lawyer, shared her story, and learned about her legal options. Eventually she decided to go ahead with the lawsuit which alleges that the facility violated in the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act by providing negligent care which led to her husband’s death.

It remains tragic that family after family continues to find themselves in this position after losing a loved one earlier than necessary because of neglect and mistreatment. Our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers have worked on cases just like this for decades. Unfortunately, it is usually only through the legal process that a victim ‘s family is capable of uncovering honest and accurate information about the treatment provided to their loved and a full understanding of what led to their passing.

Many of these cases involve circumstances of wrongful death. Some remain unclear about the difference between a “nursing home lawsuit” and a “wrongful death lawsuit.” These labels often overlap. A “nursing home lawsuit” is a somewhat generic term used to describe all types of suits alleging mistreatment at one of these long-term care facilities. However, a “wrongful death suit” includes all cases filed on behalf of surviving family members of a victim who has passed away because of another’s negligence. In a wrongful death lawsuit the harm that is sought to be compensated for is that suffered directly by the surviving family member-not the harm suffered by the individual who actually passed away.

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