Illinois Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed Following Aide’s Prank

Chicago nursing home abuse and neglect takes many forms. However, in each case, the employees who engage in the worst treatment against nursing home residents fail to consider their residents as regular community members no different than people outside of the facility. The de-humanization of these seniors allows caregivers to engage in behavior that treats these individuals as if they were mere props to be manipulated for amusement.

For example, My Web Times recently explained an Illinois nursing home lawsuit that was filed on behalf one resident who was abused in a “prank” perpetrated by staff members at a veterans home. The suit was filed against two employees of the LaSalle Veterans Home following egregious conduct by a nurse and nurse’s assistant.

According to the lawsuit, one employee inserted a suppository into the rectum of an Alzheimer’s resident for no other reason than it would seem funny to the next shift of workers who discovered it. Several nursing home staff members held the man down and inserted the device so that he produced a large bowel movement for the following shift of workers.

A criminal case related to the incident is already underway, as the Illinois Department of Public Health conducted an investigation which revealed the abuse. Besides the criminal charges, this new civil lawsuit was filed by the victim’s two children on his behalf. They explain how he has suffered shattered nerves, shock, and mental problems following the incident.

Our Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti are saddened that this conduct continues to occur across our state. These stories shock the conscience and should rightly invoke community-wide outrage. These actions are never acceptable, and all suspicions of mistreatment should be reported to authorities immediately. It is also important to contact legal representatives who can explain the legal options that are available to victims and their families.

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