Illinois Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed For Faulty Furnace

Perhaps one of the reasons that Illinois nursing home neglect is particularly prevalent is the fact that many care workers fail to understand just how much their actions affect every aspect of a senior’s life. From ensuring that that immobile residents are repositioned to prevent bed sores to guaranteeing that all residents have eat the proper foods, everything about a resident’s life is often dictated by the conduct of their caregivers. When those caregivers act inappropriately, cut corners, or otherwise fail to consider how their actions affect a resident, then consequences may be severe. Our Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys have worked in this field for decades and understand the various forms in which the abuse commonly occurs. We also know that no two cases are identical, as new forms of injury are caused all the time because of inadequate and negligent actions at these facilities.

For example, just last week a new Illinois nursing home lawsuit was filed alleging that a faulty furnace had severe health consequences for one resident. According to a story in the Madison-St. Clair Record, a resident at the Eden Village Care Center claims that she suffered a heat stroke in her room as a result of the poor building condition at the facility. The victim had lived at the home since the Spring of 2009. She claims that during her time there the furnace in her room had a variety of problems. She recalls it having a stuck heat sequencer and a broken control board.

However, one night last October the furnace problem got worse. The victim claims that the furnace malfunctioned and heated the room in which she was staying up to a temperature of 110 degrees. Obviously those temperatures can be unsafe for anyone, but they are particularly harmful to elderly residents who are already facing health issues. The victim in this case claims that the condition of the room eventually caused her to suffer a heat stroke. She was allegedly found the next morning by staff members on the floor of her room. According to the complaint filed in the case, the woman was unconscious at the time and near death from heat exposure.

The woman filed this Illinois nursing home lawsuit alleging that the facility owed a duty to keep the home in proper condition to avoid danger to residents. Her complaint names both the facility and the heating and cooling company charged with maintaining the furnace as defendants. She is asking for a variety of damages for her suffering and medical costs.

The case is a good example of the many forms in which these lawsuits often come. The basic common law is a flexible system that is designed to dispense justice and fairness regardless of the specific facts of a certain case. In other words, the law is built to accommodate all situations such that a court can determine whether compensation needs to be provided or not. At its most basic level, the law of negligence provides that when a duty is owed and breached causing injury to another, then redress should be provided sufficient to compensate the victim for that injury.

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