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Illinois Nursing Home Lawsuit Filed for Wrongful Death

A week and a half ago we posted on an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Maple Ridge Care Center in Lincoln, Illinois on behalf of a 63-year old former resident of the facility. The victim in that case was killed shortly after negligent care led to the amputation of their leg. There was a 16 hour delay before staff members noticed problems ultimately diagnosed as deep-vein thrombosis.

However, before that incident, the nursing home was fined by state administrators for their conduct in treatment of another resident. A 32-year old woman with spina bifida died at the facility in March of 2009 when the care workers failed to resuscitate her-leading to the $10,000 state fine. Now, according to Lawsuits and Settlements, the family of that victim has filed a nursing home lawsuit against the facility for its conduct in the case.

The victims’ allege that the young resident had clearly indicated her desire to be resuscitated if necessary. However, after suffering heart failure, the staff members explicitly decided not to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation because they did not want to “break up” what they deemed to be her frail body. Of course, the decision about what medical procedures to use were solely in the hands of the victim and her family-not the workers at the facility. Failure to abide by the patient’s wishes may have cut her life short.

Our Chicago nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti understand and respect the rights of the victim’s family in these cases. The ability to present one’s story in front of a jury and ask their evaluation of the situation is a key tool forcing nursing homes to remain accountable for their conduct. The right to bring a nursing home lawsuit therefore serves an important checking function, keeping the quality of care at all nursing homes higher than it might be otherwise

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