Illinois Nuring Home Negligence Case Filed As a Result of Leg Amputation

Negligence of various sorts is a serious problem at nursing home facilities across the United States. Oftentimes people don’t realize the gravity of the term negligence until their loved one has been severely injured or hurt. That is why vigilance is a necessity when you have a loved on in a nursing home facility. Frequent trips to the nursing home are important, plus documenting the care of the individual who is being care for, and making note of any changes in your loved one’s behavior – these are key elements to keeping an eye out for potential abuse or negligence.

Unfortunately, even when families are vigilant, keep notes, make consistent visits, and so forth, their loved one can fall victim to negligence and even abuse (these two problems oftentimes intersect). This is certainly true when it comes to nursing homes in the state of Illinois, and we at Levin & Perconti have defended many families who have had the misfortune of a loved one being neglected or abused.

Levin & Perconti Neglect Lawsuit
Indeed, that is the case for a former resident of Presence Ballard Nursing Center. Our attorneys, Michael F. Bonamarte and Eva C. Sosnowska, filed a lawsuit on February 19th in the Cook County District Court against Presence RHC Senior Services Corp., alleging negligence for devastating injuries to our client.

That suit asserts that our client resided at the defendant facility from Nov. 29, 2012 until Dec. 29, 2012. During that period of time, our client required supervision and prolonged assistance as a result of medical problems. However, due to the negligent care at the facility, our client developed a severe medical condition, a pressure ulcer on his left heel. It eventually became so infected that it became gangrenous, resulting in a total amputation of his left leg on April 10, 2013.

Protect IL Nursing Home Resident Rights
Our lawyers are committed to advocating for improved nursing home care to prevent incidents of abuse and negligence and preventable medical mistakes. It is clear that our client should not have lost his leg. If the nursing home facility had cared for him properly, he would have been spared the devastating injury. Instead staff failed to provide appropriate care and supports given his condition and as a result, he had to undergo a difficult and painful surgery. His recovery has also been hard on both him and his family.

When incidents like this happen to your family, it is important to reach out to trustworthy legal counsel for help. We are fiercely committed to representing families who have endured this sort of gross negligence. No individual or family should have to go through a legal battle without good, reliable, and knowledgeable legal advisors. These cases occur too often. The attorneys here at Levin & Perconti are proud to work with families and are armed with years of experience and the resources needed to fight on your behalf.

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