Illinois Elder Neglect Lawsuit Filed Against Nursing Home & Transportation Agency

Illinois elder abuse and neglect occurs in many ways on a daily basis. We most often discuss it in the nursing home context, when caregivers fail to treat residents up to a reasonable standard of care. It often strikes at a senior’s home when their at-home caregiver (often a relative) abuses and mistreats the individual. In addition, the negligence can occur when a company hired to perform a specific service-like transport the senior-fails to act responsibly.

That appears to be what happened to one southern Illinois woman. As reported in the Madison-St. Clair Record a new Illinois elder neglect lawsuit was filed by the woman’s surviving family members against Helping Hands-a senior assistance transportation company. According to documents filed in the case, the victim was being transported from the nursing home where she lived-the Calvin Johnson Care Center-to a dialysis center to receive treatment. However, the employees assisting the woman with the move were negligent in their efforts.

The woman was put onto the bus in her wheelchair and was improperly secured. As a result, her wheelchair was able to move while the bus was in motion. This caused the woman to hit her head leading to severe injury. The injury caused her to suffer a subdural hematoma (bleeding on the brain) and a concussion. Following that injury her nursing home failed to immediately transport her to the hospital. Instead, she did not receive any care until two days later. As a result she drifting into a coma and died a few weeks later.

Our Chicago elder abuse lawyers know that treatment of this sort can never be tolerated. Those who work with vulnerable seniors in any capacity, from nursing home workers to transportation assistants, know that even slight mistakes often have serious health consequences on the elderly. Knowing the risks posed to these community members should make all these caregivers act appropriately at all times to ensure that accidents are prevented and, if they do occur, proper treatment is provided. When those caregivers fail in that regard they should be held accountable for their conduct.

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