Medicaid Delays Leave Another Illinois Nursing Home Bankrupt

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Delays by Illinois’s Medicaid Program Creates Ongoing Demise of Non-Profit Nursing Home Operator and Its Former Residents 

It has been nearly 12 months since Pleasant Hill Village in Girard was forced to close citing a lack of Medicaid funds and backlog of the payment reimbursement process as the cause. Last year, the state of Illinois admitted to the multi-million Medicaid eligibility delay that makes it difficult for long term care coverage applications to be processed and payments made to Illinois skilled nursing facility operators. Pleasant Hill Village is now declaring bankruptcy on the disruptions and inability to pay debts and vendors, according to a report by The State Journal-Register.

Here is a recap of the August 16, 2019 news article:

  • Pleasant Hill Village is still owed almost $1 million by the Illinois Medicaid program, connected to the care of 15 to 20 people who lived in the SNF portion of the facility.
  • The 98-bed non-profit complex closed around this time last year but has continued to operate a building with 25 assisted living and 23 independent living apartments.
  • Some of the expenses go back to care provided in 2015.
  • The facility is unlikely to see at least $600,000 of the unpaid amount.

Representatives from the Illinois Department of Human Services responded to local media that the agency has been successful in reducing the application backlog by as much as 15 percent in the past three months. The state is expected to bring $240 million in extra funding to the Illinois nursing homes in the coming fiscal year.

Medicaid is the Main Source of Funding for 60% of Nursing Home Residents in Illinois

In 2018, there were 3,042,715 Illinois residents enrolled in the state’s Medical Assistance (Medicaid) program, making it the primary source of funding for 6 out of 10 nursing home residents. The program has long been the largest single payer of nursing home care in this country.

When Medicaid reimbursements are cut for those in nursing homes, it can be a chaotic and dangerous time for everyone involved. This includes residents, staff, clinicians, and third-party vendors who provide medical supplies, equipment, medications, and extra support services to the facility.

Residents who require the most sensitive care are typically at the most risk of being denied access to nursing homes and therapies and services they desperately need. Many of these patients have chronic conditions, dementia and memory loss diseases, and developmental disabilities which require consistent, routine care. When a nursing home they reside in is forced to close or operate on limited support, it’s the residents who are unrightfully left without the care they deserve.

Contact an Attorney If Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Closed Due to Lack of Medicaid Funding

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