How You Can Help Illinois’ Nursing Home Residents

advocating for nursing homes

Please Continue to Advocate for Nursing Home Residents

During these difficult times, it remains vital for patients and their families to understand that nursing home residents still have the right to proper care. And providers should always be held accountable when that care goes badly wrong.

The “Safe to Work Act” was recently introduced in the U.S. Senate. The Act is designed to provide an escape route for nursing homes if negligent care and harmful abuse harms or kills nursing home residents. This immunity would extend for five years and apply to all harm to nursing home residents.

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care says the impact of the Act would cause irreversible quality deficiencies and result in:

  • Incalculable pain and suffering to nursing home residents who have suffered the most during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Elimination of one of the last remaining protections for nursing home residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A green light to nursing homes to provide substandard care.

Legal liability is a safeguard for nursing home residents who have been wronged and incentivizes homes to provide quality care and comply with laws and regulations. This Act will not support these dire needs. It will instead help grant a blanketed immunity to nursing homes from liability for all negligent care that harms residents whether or not the harm is related to COVID-19 or not.

Liability Cannot Be Eased, Especially in the Time of COVID

More than half of the COVID-19-related fatalities in Illinois have occurred at long-term care facilities, nursing homes, or assisted living centers. As of October 16, 2020, the total number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in Illinois nursing homes is 31,995. 4,888 deaths among residents in all long-term care facilities have been reported by the Illinois Department of Public Health. And over 80,000 residents of all U.S. long-term care facilities have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began. As nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys, we know that many of these deaths are the tragically foreseeable consequences rooted in years of neglect and abuse.

You Can Help Today

Countless Americans have been harmed or lost their lives because of poor care and neglect at U.S. nursing homes. In many cases, we understand that it is the nursing home owners and administrators, not the essential care workers, who are to blame for these conditions. Our loved ones have the right to expect that the nursing home corporations are taking the appropriate precautions to protect residents and staff from harm. And if they are not, facilities and responsible parties should be held accountable and not eligible for the free escape route provided in this proposed legislation.

You can oppose the “Safe to Work Act” and let officials and your representatives in Congress know that you do not tolerate care that harms our most vulnerable citizens and oppose the immunity protections.

Visit The Consumer Voice to learn more and help oppose long-term care facilities’ immunity by signing the petition.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyers in Illinois

Through our work, the attorneys at Levin & Perconti understand the challenges this crisis presents related to nursing home residents’ care. Together, our Chicago personal injury lawyers and staff bring more than 130 years of legal and medical expertise to support each of these exceptional cases. Please contact us now for a free legal consultation at 312-332-2872 or toll-free at 877-374-1417.

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