Horrific Accusations of Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Purposefully Videotaped

The abuse, neglect, and exploitation of seniors throughout Illinois occurs far more than most residents believe. The reason for the disconnect between perception and reality is likely rooted in the fact that most people cannot fathom ever mistreating a senior. It is natural to imagine that others feel the same way and thus assume that the total instances of mistreatment must be small.

Sadly, study after study shows this not to be the case. As many Chicago nursing homes residents and their families are forced to learn first-hand, much mistreatment is based on neglect. This refers to cut corners and carelessness that place senior residents at higher risk of suffering serious injury.

But neglect is not the whole story. More than you might imagine, seniors are intentionally abused by those who are supposed to be providing care. This outright abuse is a particularly horrific stain on any facility where it occurs. It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure full accountability following this mistreatment.

Teen Employees Videotape Physical Abuse
Chicagoland residents received a vivid reminder of the depths to which some caregivers will go following reports of a story out of St. Charles. As discussed late last week by CBS Local, two teenagers from South Elgin were recently arrested after information surfaced about their abuse at the Rosewood Care Center.

Initial reports were minimal. However, it is now believed that the two teens were employees at the facility. At some point while working, the teen girls–both 18 years old–apparently began physically abusing a 98-year old senior resident. It is unclear what form the abuse took. Compounding the sad situation, the girls apparently videotaped the intentional abuse on their cellphones.

Fortunately, information about the attack somehow became known to others at the facility, and authorities were eventually brought in to investigate. Following that investigation the two suspects were arrested by local police and charged with at least two criminal counts: aggravated battery of a person over sixty years old and unlawful videotaping. Under the criminal code, the penalties for various crimes can be enhanced based on ‘aggravating” factors–like victims being seniors.

It is unclear if any other residents of the facility were affected in the same way. However, those capable of intentionally abusing one individual may be likely to do the same to others. That is why authorities are urging anyone with information about similar mistreatment contact them. You can reach the St. Charles Polce Department at 630-377-4435. Alternatively, an anonymous tip line is available at 866-378-4267.

The Importance of Proper Nursing Home Hiring
This tragic case is a clear example of the critical role that nursing home hiring plays in proper caregiving. It is simply inexcusable for facility owners and operators to hire individuals to work with residents who are capable of such outright abuse and mistreatment. Even in case of intentional conduct–as this appears to be–the problem could usually have been avoided had proper safeguards been in place for staff hiring. Care workers on the front lines working with residents are those best positioned to prevent mistreatment, and, at the same time, those with the best opportunity to commit abuse or allow neglect.

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