Help Save the Money Follows the Person (MFP) Program!

Did you know that the Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration Grant (MFP), a federally funded program that helps keep those needing long-term care out of facilities and in their own homes, has officially expired? As part of a grant system, 43 states and the District of Columbia were awarded funds that allowed them to establish a system that could help provide in-home or community based care and services to those who traditionally may have just been placed in a nursing home. According to, “Over 75,151 people with chronic conditions and disabilities have transitioned from institutions back into the community through MFP programs as of December 2016.”

Levin & Perconti is hoping that you will join us and other elder care advocates in contacting congress to urge them to continue to fund the MFP program by passing the Empower Care Act. The bill, introduced by Ohio Senator Rob Portman this past December, asks Congress to contribute $450,000,000 to the MFP Program each fiscal year from 2018 until fiscal year 2022.

The information shared below is courtesy of the National Consumer Voice for Long-Term Quality Care, an organization dedicated to ensuring that our loved ones have access to the best possible care and services.


  1. Wednesday, March 7: Join in our national call-in day.  RSVP to this Facebook event.
  2. Thursday, March 8: Participate in our social media day to #FundMFP.  RSVP to this Facebook event.  Use the sample tweets and posts in this Social Media Toolkit when posting to Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Before Friday, March 9: Contact your members in Congress by sending a pre-crafted message.  Click here to send your message.  You can personalize your message with the following talking points:
    •  ​​The Money Follows the Person Program brings long-term care consumers back home to their communities.
    • The Money Follows the Person program gives consumers greater control over the lives.
    • It’s fiscally responsible! MFP improves the quality of life of individuals while saving states and the federal government Medicaid funding.
    • The program expired over a year ago. Without additional funding, states could scale back programs, potentially withdrawing long-term care services from people who need it.
    • Talk about why this is important for you or someone you know, and your state. MFP frees people! MFP keeps families together! MFP reduces waiting lists!


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