Glenview Terrace COVID-19 Deaths On The Rise

rise in covid-19 nursing home deaths

Glenview Terrace Continues Jump in COVID-19 Deaths of Residents

About a third of all COVID-19 deaths in Illinois have now been linked to long-term care facilities, and to make matters worse, cases are also doubling, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). A rehabilitation facility in Glenview is the latest to report more than two dozen COVID-19 deaths. Glenview Terrace is a 314-bed facility, located at 1511 Greenwood Road in Cook County. It has now reached 75 outbreak cases of the novel coronavirus and 25 deaths.

Glenview’s Administrator Allen Hollander told the Chicago Tribune that the people who died had first become sick in late March. Hollander also explained that more than 20 infected staff could have contracted the disease outside of the facility.

Nearly 300 long-term care facilities in Illinois have reported residents and care workers who have tested positive and serious cases are building at other Cook County long-term care facilities as well. Many nursing home advocates in the Chicago area have described terrifying work conditions and a lack of transparency about prevention and noncompliance with infection control measures. Facilities should be following a growing list of state and federal guidelines specific to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and be fully staffed.

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Who Is Being Impacted Most By COVID-19 in Illinois?

The latest IDPH data shows a total of 98,030 cases, including 4,379 deaths, in 100 counties in Illinois. The age of cases ranges from younger than one to older than 100 years. On May 19, IDPH announced 1,545 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Illinois, including 146 additional deaths.

  • Coles County: 1 female 60s, 1 female 90s
  • Cook County: 3 females 30s, 2 males 40s, 2 females 50s, 5 males 50s, 4 females 60s, 12 males 60s, 1 unknown 60s, 8 females 70s, 17 males 70s, 9 females 80s, 15 males 80s, 9 females 90s, 6 males 90s, 1 female 100+, 1 male 100+
  • DeKalb County: 1 female 50s, 1 male 50s
  • DuPage County: 1 male 50s, 1 male 60s, 2 females 70s, 1 male 70s, 4 females 80s, 1 male 80s, 1 female 90s, 1 male 90s, 1 female 100+
  • Iroquois County: 1 male 60s
  • Kane County: 1 male 70s, 2 females 80s, 1 male 80s, 1 female 100+
  • Kankakee County: 2 males 60s, 1 female 70s
  • Kendall County: 1 male 80s
  • Lake County: 1 male 60s, 1 female 70s, 1 female 80s, 1 male 80s
  • Madison County: 2 females 80s, 1 female 90s
  • McDonough County: 1 male 80s
  • McHenry County: 1 male 50s, 1 male 60s
  • Rock Island County: 1 male 30s, 1 male 60s, 1 male 90
  • Clair County: 1 male 60s, 1 female 80s, 1 male 80s
  • Whiteside County: 1 female 100+
  • Will County: 2 males 70s, 1 female 80s, 1 male 80s, 1 male 90s
  • Winnebago County: 1 female 70s, 1 male 70s

The Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) has created an online map accessible by the public of all long-term care facilities in Illinois reporting cases of COVID-19 among residents and staff. Visit the IDPH website here to scroll down to locate the county and facility you are looking for.

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