For-Profit Nursing Homes Should Come With Warning

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Chicago School of Public Health Research Findings Conclude For-Profit Nursing Homes Need to Provide Better Care

Lee Friedman, an associate professor of environmental and occupational health sciences in the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, recently led a study that found “community-dwelling adults 60 years old and older who need assistance with tasks related to daily living but do not live in a nursing home had the fewest number of clinical signs of neglect compared with those living in any type of nursing facility.”

These findings come as no surprise to the abuse and neglect attorneys at Levin & Perconti though. For decades, it’s been known that residents receiving care in for-profit nursing homes are twice as likely to experience health issues caused by substandard care compared with those living in not-for-profit facilities or residents in their own homes among the general community. We share the same sentiments published in Friedman’s new report in the journal Gerontology.

“We saw more — and more serious — diagnoses among residents of for-profit facilities that were consistent with severe clinical signs of neglect, including severe dehydration in clients with feeding tubes which should have been managed, clients with stage 3 and 4 bed sores, broken catheters and feeding tubes, and clients whose medication for chronic conditions was not being managed properly,” Friedman continued in a UIC press release, “Findings showed that residents of for-profit nursing facilities are diagnosed with more clinical signs of neglect and these facilities were consistently inferior to not-for-profit nursing homes across numerous staffing, capacity and deficiency measures.”

Profit Should Never Come Before Care

Nursing homes that are a part of a chain or network of nursing homes are the biggest offenders of putting profit before care, especially those with 19 percent higher profit margins than their counterparts. These private homes spend less money on not only staffing, but on expenses related to indirect patient care. Examples of indirect patient care include things like:

  • medical supplies
  • maintenance and housekeeping of the facility
  • continuing education for nursing and clinical staff
  • resident nutrition
  • additional rehabilitation services

News of for-profit nursing home companies lacking in trained staff and quality patient care aren’t hard to find for those who have been involved in preserving and protecting the rights of America’s elderly. But for anyone who is just considering a nursing home, currently has a loved one residing in a facility, or has lost someone who was a nursing home resident, these research findings and for-profit care revelations should cause unease.

As always, the nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys at Levin & Perconti encourage you to consider your options when making a life-changing decision such as placing your loved one in a nursing home. While all private homes should not be considered off-limits, it is important to look very closely at a facility’s caregiving track-record to ensure it provides the level of support that your loved one requires and deserves.

Report Illinois Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Our Illinois nursing home attorneys know that many for-profit facilities routinely violate the law and treat residents poorly. Located in Chicago, Levin & Perconti is one of the nation’s most recognized and respected leaders in the areas of elder abuse and nursing home negligence litigation and settled cases throughout the city of Chicago, surrounding suburbs, and the entire state of Illinois.

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