Springfield Nursing Home Patient Injured By Mishandled Feeding Tube

nursing home abuse and neglect

Aperion Care Capitol Nurse Was Never Trained on Feeding Tube Placement

According to a state report filed by the Illinois Department of Public Health, Aperion Care Capitol, a 251-bed skilled-care facility and nursing home located at 555 W. Carpenter St. was fined for “failing to ensure there were appropriately trained staff to reinsert a feeding tube” that fell out while two nursing assistants were haphazardly removing the patient’s T-shirt.

According to the March 2018 report:

  • The gastronomy tube was replaced by a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who said he had been employed at the facility for over one year.
  • The LPN performed the replacement procedure and said he was never trained on tube placements but had replaced tubes in other jobs.
  • Following the procedure, the resident was not sent for an X-ray to make sure the tube was in the proper place.
  • The LPN admitted he didn’t check back to make sure the tube was working because, according to the LPN, the resident “was doing fine and eating by mouth.”
  • In late January, the resident was sent to Memorial Medical Center’s emergency department with abdominal pain.
  • The patient was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction caused by an improperly placed catheter designed to function as a gastronomy tube.
  • The Aperion resident was admitted to the hospital, where the obstruction eventually was cleared.

Although it’s obvious the Springfield nursing home is responsible for the gastronomy tube dislodgement and misplacement, administrators are still disputing a $25,000 fine leveled against them by the state for substandard care connected with a feeding tube and will have a hearing as part of its dispute on August 12.

Aperion has a high staff turnover rate according to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reports, with about five different administrators rotating leadership positions at the for-profit facility over the past year.

Nursing Home Staff Must Be Trained and Follow Feeding Tube Protocol

If a nursing home patient’s feeding tube is dislodged, trained staff need to conduct an X-ray as required in order to pinpoint the proper location to reinsert the tube. If the tube fails to be properly inserted, food can be leaked, and infection will begin. The failure to follow protocol, such as with the reinsertion of a feeding tube, can quickly become serious. Without immediate treatment, nutritional and hydrational status can change and infections from feeding tube dislodgement or misplacement can become markedly worse and lead to death. Nursing homes and staff must be held accountable for these horrible failures to properly care for and pay attention to their residents.

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