Family Brings Lawsuit against Nursing Home for Negligence

The family of a woman who died while in the care of a nursing home has filed a lawsuit in Cook County. The lawsuit states that the woman, a resident at Manorcare in Arlington Heights, IL, died as a result of negligence. The suit names Manorcare and parent company HCR Manor Care. Per the information in the suit, the nursing home failed to provide reasonable and adequate care. As a result, the patient suffered lowered weight, because of inadequate nutrition, and a bedsore that became infected. The woman died in December 2013.

Nursing Home Negligence
When we leave our parents of grandparents in a nursing home we trust that they will receive the best care possible. Sadly, this is not always the case. Elder abuse and nursing home neglect are a common occurrence. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) more than 3 million elderly Americans reside in nursing homes or care facilities. A recent survey found that 10% of participants reported having been the victim of abuse.

Nutritional Deficits are Common in the Elderly
The elderly often struggle with inadequate nutrition. This can be caused by a number of situations. A patient may have a reduced appetite due to medications. Depression can cause the elderly to become complacent about food. Medical problems, difficulty swallowing, or denture problems can all be the source of a reduced caloric intake. When foods do not look or smell good, the person may simply not feel like eating. Further, a special diet may be ordered, which can be bland or unappetizing. Whatever the cause, many older individuals require special needs when it comes to their diets. Nursing homes must properly monitor and make sure that the dietary requirements are being fulfilled.

Negligent Care in Nursing Homes
Negligence may occur for a number of reasons. Not enough experienced personnel or lack of training can be partially to blame. Understaffing is often a problem at nursing facilities, leaving care workers to provide careless treatment. Regardless of the reason, careless treatment is negligent. Caregivers are responsible for proper care including making sure that patients are receiving proper daily dietary requirements. In this case, the lawsuit states that the nutritional needs were not being met and the facility did not bring it to the attention of a doctor until it was too late. Once an elderly patient becomes nutritionally deficient they can easily become susceptible to a multitude of illnesses and diseases.

A Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney Will Help
As the family of someone who has suffered neglect at the hands of a nursing home facility you have rights. When proper care is not provided or when a loved one is neglected, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. While money cannot fix the situation, a lawsuit can bring the problem to light and may prevent it from happening to another family in the future. Additionally, you may receive money to cover medical costs and legal fees that have been incurred because of the negligent care. If a family member has been neglected in a nursing home, contact Levin & Perconti to discuss the case and get the money you deserve.

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