Family Alleges Nursing Home Abuse Hurt Mother

My Fox News 8 reported this week on new nursing home abuse allegations raised by the daughter of a senior resident. According to the story, local authorities are investigating the matter after the caregivers at the facility discovered that the 86-year old woman had serious injuries on her head. The facility also contacted the senior’s daughter at that time. The injuries were consistent with a severe physical blow to the head-not something that would develop naturally.

The senior suffers from dementia and was unlikely able to fully appreciate what was happening to her or able to share the problem with others. The senior’s daughter was understandably outraged by the situation. She indicated that she trusted the facility to provide around-the-clock care for her mother to ensure that she wouldn’t be taken advantage of or harmed in these sorts of ways.

“She’s eighty six and defenseless, and I wasn’t here to protect her.” the daughter lamented.

Our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers understand that many local families have the same emotions upon discovering the mistreatment perpetrated against their loved one.

The investigation into the situation is on-going, and so there are not yet many answers to figure out exactly what happened. The woman’s daughter explained that her mother is incredibly vulnerable. She is unable to walk or even get out of bed.

The daughter elaborated that she is concerned about the care for all of those at the facility. While the investigation is still underway, the daughter admitted her suspicions that the attack must have been perpetrated by an aide at the facility. It will obviously be important for the family to remain closely involved with the investigation to ensure justice is provided.

Fortunately local authorities are involved in the investigations to ensure that a neutral third-party can help figure out what actually went on. When nursing homes investigate these situations on their own there is often significant incentive for the facility to reach conclusions that limit their own responsibility for the attack. An experienced nursing home attorney knows that any time that a senior suffers a head injury like this there is often negligence or intentional abuse at the bottom of it.

Each Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm is very familiar with this type of situation. Most cases of nursing home neglect and abuse are uncovered after family members that come forward following injury to their loved one. Seniors are rarely in a position to explain the harm that they’ve suffered. After all, their unique vulnerabilities are what necessitate their stay in the long-term care facility in the first place.

In addition, seniors often do not know themselves what constitutes passive neglect. Unfortunately, many seniors are loathe to criticize those who are providing them aid. Therefore, when the care they receive is substandard, many seniors are not very vocal about complaining or even aware that they have the right to better treatment. In this way, senior abuse continues without any recourse. The tendency to stay quiet about these situations makes it even more imperative or outside observers to step in and demand redress where appropriate.

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