Fall Leads to Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit

The daughter of a woman who died after a fall in a nursing home has filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed in Cook County, names Lexington of Schaumburg and their parent company alleging violations of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. According to the lawsuit, the woman fell as a result of negligence while she was a resident at the nursing home. She suffered serious injuries that ultimately led to her death. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000 and is requesting a jury trial.

Proper Supervision in Nursing Homes
Nursing homes are supposed to provide safe care for the elderly, regardless of their physical condition. Nursing home falls may be an indication that the nursing home is failing to provide adequate supervision. Some residents require more direct supervision than others. Additionally, the needs of individual patients may change over time. When a resident is taking certain medications they may have side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness which can increase the risk of a fall. In this case, the woman fell while using the restroom. This is a common place where falls can occur and proper safety measures, such as grab bars, must be in place for support, as well as requiring assistance from a care worker. Nursing home negligence requires immediate action.

Falls are Serious in the Elderly
Young children fall all the time without injury, but for the elderly, a fall can prove serious and could even be fatal. Older individuals are less mobile and cannot always protect themselves when they fall. The bones of an older person are usually more brittle, meaning that they could fracture or break a bone more easily when they fall. Even a short fall from a chair or bed could cause severe harm. The elderly are also more prone to unsteadiness and may require help simply moving a few steps. Falls can cause some major injuries to the elderly including broken bones, scrapes and cuts, and head injuries. Some of these injuries may require surgery and may lead to other medical dangers such as infections and blood clots.

Prevention of Falls
Falls can and should be prevented. Nursing homes must take the steps necessary to properly protect their residents. Safety devices must be installed and utilized in all areas of the facility. Failure to provide enough staff to assist patients is one of the most common reasons for negligent falls. When a resident needs to get around, such as to use the restroom, they cannot wait for a long period of time for a care worker to help them. Nursing homes must also ensure that their staff is properly trained in how to safely assist residents including how to transfer them between bed and wheelchair.

Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit
The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that protects nursing home residents against negligent and unscrupulous acts. When a nursing home has been negligent it must be held accountable. Medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, and other damages that were the direct result of the negligent action should be repaid. If your loved one suffered a serious injury due to nursing home negligence contact the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti for a consultation.

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