Facts you should know before seeing your physician

1. The average doctor spends 40 percent of his time acquiring information, 40 percent disseminating it, and only 20 percent actually practicing medicine.
2. Only 1 in 5 patients obtain a second opinion. Of those who do, one-third of them have a significant change in treatment.
3. Patients in private hospital rooms are 45 percent less likely to contract hospital-acquired infections.
4. There are 2 million hospital-acquired infections per year, resulting in 92,000 deaths.
5. The four most typical entry points of infection in a hospital are: surgical wound, ventilator, IV, or urinary catheter.
6. About 42 percent of all heart attack patients receive overdoses of blood-thining medicines that can lead to fatal bleeding.
7. About 40 percent of bariatric weight loss patients experience a complication within six months of surgery. Even with this startling statistic, there is no law requiring bariatric weight loss surgeons to have special training for the surgery!
8. About 75 percent of hospital bills have overcharges. The average overcharge is $1000!

For more information about what hospitals do not tell you.

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