Facility Claims Problems Fixed After Persistent Nursing Home Abuse Claims

Permanently rooting out poor nursing home care at consistently deficient homes is a difficult process. Through the years our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers have come to understand how it is often the same facilities (and large nursing home companies) that allow standards to drop, ultimately leading to resident harm. Eliminating the vestiges of systematic mistreatment is a long, complex and difficult process that requires persistent effort over a period of time. Even when a facility claims to have fixed all of their previous problems, it is only after the location operates for a period of time free of any nursing home neglect that the community should feel comfortable that the home is capable of providing the level of care that residents deserve.

Some cases of poor care and neglect leave permanent scars on the facility that make it difficult for others to trust the services that they provide in the future. A story last week in The Tennessean recently discussed these issues. A facility is making claims that all previous problems are fixed after a nursing home lawsuit was filed claiming that mistreatment led to death of several residents of the facility.

The lawsuit which uncovered the systematic negligence at the home was filed by the family of 57-year old resident who was a registered nurse before suffering a series of strokes which led to require nursing home care. The woman died not long after arriving at the facility from what the family claims-and court agreed-was systematic abuse and mistreatment. The most damaging evidence in the case likely came from the employees of the facility themselves who admitted to being unable to provide the care that residents needed. One nurse explained how “residents were sometimes left to lie in their own urine, which caused dried brown rings on the bed sheets, and feces which, after drying, were difficult to remove.” Many other former residents and their families complained of similar problems at the home over the years. For example, one 80-year old man was clearly in need of medical help after multiple medical tests showed urgent problems. However, staff members kept delaying and proper emergency medical care was never received. By the time he was eventually rushed to the hospital it was too late.

Following all of these revelations, the nursing home claims that changes were made and the problems fixed. However, many local community members remain skeptical. For good reason it is not easy for a home that has acted poorly and contributed to the death of seniors to regain the trust of those who literally depend on them to take care of life and death issues.

All local residents should carefully investigate the track record of all nursing home that they are considering for their loved ones. Our Illinois nursing home lawyers believe all community members should steer clear of the worst facilities that have been shown unable to prevent instances of neglect. For most of these homes, the only thing that causes changes are those actions that affect their bottom line. If fewer residents decide to enter the facility or if victims demand financial accountability through a nursing home neglect lawsuit, the home is more likely to do what is necessary to keep residents safer.

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