Elder Neglect Trial Begins

Images of filth were the first things testified to at an elderly neglect trial. A paramedic described the cluttered home where ants crawled along the foot of an ailing 84-year-old woman’s bed. He immediately knew something wasn’t right. He testified that he found a cluttered home with a “distinct” smell of urine and feces. There was also testimony as to “an overall layer of filth” and unwashed dishes on the kitchen counter. The elderly woman appeared to be dehydrated and “emaciated” estimating her weight to be around 75 pounds. He also noticed fecal matter under her fingernails and urine soaked clothing. The man is mandated by law to report suspicions of elder abuse and thus told authorities that his 84-year-old patient could be a victim of elder neglect. The home was in Geneva, Illinois. The two sisters who were to take care of their ailing mother have pled not guilty to charges of criminal neglect of an elderly person. To read more about the elderly neglect, please click the link.

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