Don’t Forget World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Tomorrow marks the official 7th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Each Chicago nursing home attorney at our firm is proud to promote this and similar events which seek to raise awareness of the prevalence of elder abuse and the need to enact better preventative measures.

The “World Day” is spearheaded by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). NCEA is urging all local residents to do something tomorrow in honor of the occasion. Any step that makes the life of an area senior a bit better is a great way to recognize the day. There are various official “World Day” events, but even taking a simply step, like visiting a nursing home or volunteering for a neighbor can make a difference.

“Take a Stand” Website
To learn more about sanctioned events and to get information on other ways to participate, be sure to check out the NCEA’s “Take a Stand in the Fight Against Elder Abuse” website. The group is hoping to collect information on each of the activities that occur tomorrow to provide a comprehensive report on the special day.

In addition, our Illinois elder neglect lawyers know that the website also includes a range of very helpful resources. We understand that many local residents are simply not acquainted with the best ways to spot abuse or take steps to hold wrongdoers accountable. For most, dealing with these issues only comes when their loved one suffers a serious illness or injury that raises red flags that are impossible to miss. However, it is always better for local families to be prepared and aware of these issues well before the abuse actually occurs.

One of the resources on the website, for example, is a “fact sheet” about hard to answer elder abuse questions. The tip sheet is intended to be a quick go-to reference when one is asked questions about these issues. Creating an army of advocates who can help others recognize the problem is important.

Even seemingly simple question can be complex. For example, what is elder abuse? Does it include self-neglect? Does mental abuse apply? If so, what exactly is mental abuse? Is the definition of elder abuse different in each state? What types of elder neglect are most common?

Unfortunately, elder abuse remains an “invisible” problem because it always occurs before closed doors. In addition, seniors are often reluctant to report the abuse or are unaware of the seriousness of their condition. Patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s are the most likely to be abused and also the most likely to be unable to recognize and report the situation.

Legal Help
Preventing mistreatment of seniors before it occurs is always the paramount goal. Part of the prevention effort involves holding wrongdoers publicly accountable when they abuse or neglect seniors.

If you suspect that a loved one may have been neglected or abused in a nursing home, long-term care facility, or any other setting, please take a moment to contact our elder abuse lawyers to see how we can help.

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