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Disabilities Service Sued After Resident Discovered Unresponsive, Freezing Outside Facility

The mother of a 23 year old man who suffers disabilities filed a lawsuit on February 7th in Cook County Circuit Court against Southwest Disabilities Services and Supports. The agency’s director and administrative services manager are also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

The Case
The lawsuit asserts that the agency neglected our client’s son after he was was discovered unresponsive and freezing outside of the Harvey, IL facility. According to their website, Southwest Disabilities Services and Supports offers services to adults who have developmental disabilities. Our client’s son, who was born in 1988, is an adult with disabilities who became one of Southwest’s residents in December of 2010. The suit states that during his residency, our client’s son experienced abuse, which appeared in the form of bruises, wounds, and even bites.

Things became worse when our client’s son was discovered on March 10, 2012 outside of one of the facility’s buildings. The temperature was below freezing, the lawsuit states. Our client also asserts that as a result of being discovered unresponsive in freezing temperatures, our client’s son had to be hospitalized. He was consequently treated for hypothermia and pneumonia as a result of exposure to extremely cold weather.

The lawsuit is seeking damages of over $50,000 on behalf of the plaintiff. The director and manager are named as defendants because of their role and because they would not turn over requested documents for the case.

Illinois Disability Support Negligence
This sort of neglect, unfortunately, is not uncommon. We have handled and continue to handle similar cases across the the state of Illinois. Southwest is not the first to neglect an adult with disabilities, one who requires care and attention from the employees. As the lawsuit alleges, if our client’s son had been properly cared for, he would not have wound up in freezing temperatures and unresponsive. It is the responsibility of these facilities to ensure that residents are watched at all times. When they neglect to fulfill these duties, which is part of their job, then residents can wind up in danger and life threatening situations.

Our attorneys advise our clients and the general public to keep an eye on loved ones who reside in facilities such as Southwest, but there are limitations to how much is within their power. Even the most vigilant family members cannot stand watch twenty-four hours a day, and even those who take notes and visit often might not be able to prevent this sort of tragic event from occurring.

That is why it is crucial, in the event that something like this occurs to your loved one in a nursing home facility or a facility such as Southwest, to have proper and trustworthy legal representation. We have years of experience and highly skilled attorneys who fight to protect victims of neglect and abuse in nursing home facilities. While our client’s son’s injuries could have been avoided, as already stated, the family is now seeking justice. If you have found yourself in a similar situation with a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out immediately.

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