Delayed Treatment at Nursing Home Caused Man’s Death

A lawsuit filed in Cook County by a man’s wife alleges nursing home neglect caused her husband’s death at The Villa at Windsor Park in Chicago. The man allegedly suffered from pressure sores and experienced a fall from his bed. The man later had symptoms that included difficulty speaking and hearing as well as other cognitive problems. According to the lawsuit, the nursing home staff failed to provide appropriate and timely treatment and the man died. The lawsuit alleges that the nursing home and staff violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, which provides that patients receive proper care while residing at a nursing care facility.

Failure to Treat is Negligent Care
Negligence is not limited to care that is provided. It is applies to the failure to provide treatment when required. Failure to provide treatment or to monitor a patient’s condition may be considered negligent care. In this case, the staff failed to notice that the man was showing significant signs of a brain injury. The man was eventually treated but died from his injuries. This case shows that nursing homes often do not monitor residents enough. Had they provided care in a timely manner the outcome may have been different.

Delayed Medical Care
Nursing homes are required to provide the care needed for each particular resident. Some residents require more care than others. However, patients cannot be ignored for lengthy periods of time. Additionally, when staff checks on them they must be able to quickly determine whether someone is experiencing a medical problem that needs attention. Nursing facilities must have a procedure in place for caring for residents when they have a medical emergency. Typically, the patient should be taken by ambulance to the hospital for evaluation. Apparently that did not occur in a timely manner in this instance.

Nursing Home Problems
There are a number of problems that commonly plague nursing home care facilities. Facilities are often understaffed, which could account for a lack of sufficient care. They also may have staff that is not properly trained. Untrained care workers are not helpful in instances such as this one, where medical treatment was required. Some nursing homes are not well managed, causing confusion and disorganization. Many nursing home staff positions do not require a high level of education or experience and do not pay well, making them a revolving door for workers. Regardless of the reasons, nursing homes cannot offer negligent care. In this case, as in many others, the resident lost his life due to the irresponsible actions of the facility workers.

Nursing Home Negligence
Nursing home negligence is a growing problem in the United States. With many more elderly people entering nursing facilities in the next decade, the quality of care is not likely to improve. If your loved one suffered a serious injury or died as a result of negligent care in a nursing home it is best to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. You may be owed compensation for medical expenses and money for pain and suffering due to the negligence of another. Contact the experienced attorneys at Levin & Perconti for a free consultation today.

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