Consumer Checklist: Were You Affected By DePuy Hip Recall?

Our Chicago DePuy hip recall lawyers remain concerned that some local residents may not be aware that they have been affected by the dangerous hip design. As we’ve repeatedly explained how the DePuy hip recall was issued in late July 2010 following mounting evidence which suggested that the hips failed at a much higher rate than acceptable. The consequences for the victims are wide-ranging. On one hand, many require revision surgery to correct the problematic replacement. These surgeries are risky and painful, but they are absolutely essential to ensuring the well-being of those who received one of these DePuy hips. Beyond the need for a replacement, some victims also had small metallic particles released inside their bloodstream. The metal-on-metal design of the product may cause the particles to be expelled inside the body, with a myriad of problems resulting.

It goes without saying that all those who received these devices need to ensure that they visit with a medical professional to keep themselves in good health and devoid of problems. Yet, even though many more individuals, including seniors, are becoming aware of the recall, many still have questions about whether or not it applies to their own hip. To help, please consider each of the factors listed below to determine if you may be affected by the DePuy hip recall. Each represents a sign that you have been involved in the recall and could have a right to file a legal claim to recover for your injuries.

• You received a hip implant after July 2003. These devices were not made or used before this time.

•The hip that you received as wan ASR XL Acetabular System or a DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing Platform. You may not be aware of the specific hip that you received, but your doctor will be able to explain which product was used in your case.

• You received a recall notice from DePuy or Johnson & Johnson
• You needed a revision surgery within five years after your original surgery because of problems with the first implant
• You are experiencing pain in your hip, groin, leg, or lower back.

• Your hip does not feel or sound as you think it should. This often means that you hear a clicking or crunching when you stand up or walk. It may also involve the hip feeling as if it is loose or dislocated when in motion.

• You have general mobility problems and have difficulty with all physical activities.

Our Chicago hip recall attorneys urge all those who have had a hip replacement to visit with a medical professional to ensure that they receive the medical treatment necessary if a dangerous product was used. Many seniors and nursing home residents may have had these surgeries, and so it may be necessary for family members to take the initiative and ensure that their elder loved one checks to see if their hip was involved in the recall. If you or a family member did receive a defective hip, it is important to protect your legal rights and visit with a legal professional working on these cases. The company responsible for the error is required to compensate victims for the harm that was caused by the dangerous product.

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