Conservative Politician Comes Out Against Unnecessary, Dangerous Tort Reform Law

As we have often mentioned on this blog, tort reform legislation (both at the state and federal levels) is an unnecessary intrusion into the Constitutional powers and rights given to the American people. The efforts to limit the ability of injured victims to seek fairness in the legal system is often nothing more than a power grab by big interests who seek to insulate themselves from the costs of injuring others in their quest for profits.

We have also pointed out that the traditional political subdivisions of conservatives and liberals are inadequate to understand the unique political dynamics at play in the lawsuit reform debacle. The truth remains that all those committed to preserving the balance of power and individual rights guaranteed by our Constitutional founders should stand arm-in-arm against the misguided efforts of those advocating tort reform.

It should therefore come as no surprise that a prominent conservative politician is stepping out in a southern state to oppose these dangerous proposals. Former Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson testified at a state house subcommittee hearing against a state tort reform proposal, according to Knox News.

The former U.S. senator explained that the “problems” sought to be fixed by these proposals are always grossly exaggerated. He likened the legislation to “killing a mouse with a bazooka.” Additionally, he stressed that the focus should be on limiting the egregious examples of death and injury caused by negligence-not tying the hands of those injured.

To make the point, Thompson spoke about various examples of tragic negligence. He mentioned a medical malpractice lawsuit filed after a girl died after being given five times the normal dose of drugs for a tonsil removal. The victim’s rights advocate also spoke about a truck accident lawsuit involving a mother and daughter who were burned to death after the semi crashed into their parked car. Stories of horrific nursing home abuse could also be added to the list of activities that need to be more prominently understood and prevented, instead of silenced.

Our Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti reject these misguided efforts to legally handcuff victims. An honest discussion about the victims killed every year by negligence can never been had if we keep running through the same old attempts to eliminate victim rights. We will continue to fight against big business efforts to shut regular Americans out of the process. The nation was founding on principles of equal access to justice made by a jury of the community. We cannot allow that system to be destroyed.

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