Chicago Sun-Times article exposes problem doctors

In part of a series of articles exploring problem doctors, a Sun-Times reporter discussed the serious consequences when doctors are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs.

One doctor’s addiction to the pain-killer Demerol resulted in the commitment of severe medical malpractice after administering anesthesia to a patient who was having her tubes tied. The doctor failed to give the woman, a mother of three, the proper drug to wake her up. Additionally, he removed the woman’s breathing tube before she was able to breathe on her own. Moreover, the doctor failed to notice that she was not getting oxygen on her own.

This woman suffered severe brain damage. Today, she resides in a nursing home in a nearly vegetative state, unable to talk, move, or feed herself.

This problem may be more common than you think. According to the Federation of State Medical Boards, addiction to drugs and alcohol is the number one reason that doctors lose their licenses or are otherwise disciplined.

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