Chicago nursing home neglect lawsuit filed against Manorcare Palos Heights

A nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit has been filed in Chicago, IL on behalf of the family of an 85-year old resident who suffered needlessly at Manorcare Palos Heights nursing home. Steven M. Levin and Michael F. Bonamarte of the Chicago-based law firm Levin & Perconti filed the lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County, alleging violations of state and federal law due to the poor nursing care the resident received at the Manorcare Palos Heights facility. In a detailed report from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), which can be found here, ManorCare was cited for failing to prevent Nancy Cirantineo’s mistreatment, neglect and abuse by their own staff members. Specific examples of staff mistreatment and neglect included delayed medical treatment, failure to provide necessary care and services, failure to provide necessary treatment to prevent existing pressure sores from worsening and failure to prevent the development of new sores.

Attorney Steven M. Levin said, “ManorCare’s staff failed to follow physician orders and delayed Nancy’s medical treatment which caused her needless pain and suffering. In one instance, despite a physician’s order, ManorCare staff delayed medical treatment for Nancy’s abnormally low blood pressure for 22 hours.”

Levin added, “In yet another example, ManorCare delayed Nancy’s medical treatment for 4 days after she experienced abnormal lab results and developed symptoms of an increased heart rate, abnormally low blood pressure, increased confusion, and fever. As a result, she had to be transferred to an acute care hospital with excessive fluid around the lungs, partial lung collapse, pneumonia and fecal impaction.”

The complaint also alleged that Nancy developed multiple and worsening pressure sores because ManorCare failed to provide appropriate treatment and care.

Attorney Michael F. Bonamarte said, “ManorCare staff failed to assess Nancy’s risk for developing pressure sores, implement a care plan, appropriately treat Nancy’s existing pressure sores and keep Nancy well-nourished and hydrated. Instead, Nancy was malnourished, dehydrated and allowed to lie in her own waste, all of which impeded the healing process. One of the sores was allowed to progress so quickly that it became infected and Nancy had to be hospitalized for surgical debridement and long-term antibiotic therapy.”

Steve Levin concluded, “The report by the Illinois Department of Public Health revealed that there were multiple breakdowns in communication and coordination amongst the staff at ManorCare that resulted in denying Nancy necessary medical treatment. She suffered needlessly as a result of Manor Care’s neglect. We commend the Illinois Department of Public Health for their thorough investigation of Nancy’s case.”

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