Chicago Nursing Home Lawyer Encourages Promotion of Elderly Quality of Life

All elder care advocates, a group which would include a Chicago nursing home lawyer, are concerned both with preventing elder abuse and improving the overall quality of life for area seniors. There remains the dual goal of not only protecting against “bad” things but promoting “good” things in the life of these vulnerable community members.

For example, Medical News Today reported on interesting new research which showed that elderly individuals who go shopping often-even as much as every day-were likely to live longer than less frequent shoppers. This apparent benefit was most noticeable in men.

The research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health included around 1,850 individuals over the age of 65. Of that group, around 22% shopped two to four times a week, about 17% went every day, and the remainder were less frequent shoppers.

Overall, those who shopped the most were most likely to survive longer. This was true even when a variety of other potential factors were accounted for and statistically controlled. Researchers indicate that shopping involves increases in the opportunity for a senior to take interest in their health and diet, meet companions, get exercise. All those benefits likely contribute to the individual’s well-being.

This type of research may have important implications for all those concerned with the health of senior citizens. Our Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti believe that beyond fighting for victims of Illinois nursing home abuse, it is also vital to try and improve the quality of life of residents. It is not enough for these community members to be shut up in homes without any connection to the rest of society. These individuals still have a vital role to play and are fully capable of using their talents, interests, and creativity to make the world a better place. In that way, nursing home residents should be free to capitalize on those skills in whatever way possible so that their own lives are enriched and the community is bettered.

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