Chicago Area Nursing Home Lawsuit Alleges Maggots in Resident Ear

Every day brings news of more and more cases of mistreatment at local nursing homes and long-term care facilities. While the prevalence of these stories does not mean that all homes provide substandard treatment, it is a reminder of the need to be incredibly vigilant about the care our ailing seniors receive. There is no excuse for some of these incidents, leaving vulnerable community members wallowing in substandard conditions, leading to neglect, abuse, and prolonged suffering.
The latest example of this is enough to shock the senses. According to an article summarizing the situation in the Chicago Tribune, a new nursing home lawsuit filed recently in Cook County suggests that one resident was neglected to such a degree that maggots grew in her ear.

Nursing Home Neglect in Arlington Heights
The story explains how earlier this Fall a nurse at the facility noticed something unusual while at the woman’s bedside–a maggot appeared near the senior’s ear. Eventually, the resident was taken to a local hospital. The senior’s daughter met the resident at the emergency room. While there, the daughter was shocked to watch as dozens of larvae were removed from her mother’s ear.

Testing eventually determined that the maggots were at least three days old. While the nursing facility has admitted no wrongdoing, the attorney for the family in the case noted that he does not understand how someone could have washed the woman’s hair without noticing maggots nearby–eventually totaling 57 at the time they were removed. In addition, the senior was on ear drop medication at the time of the incident. The last dose was allegedly given the day before she was taken to the hospital. In other words, somehow the facility caregivers gave the woman ear drops without noticing the fly larvae crawling inside those ears.

Illinois Nursing Home Lawsuit
A complaint regarding the incident was filed by the family. However, state regulators declined to pursue specific recourse against the facility in question. The actions of the state regulators do not limit the legal options for those involved. That is why the family met with a legal professional who works on these cases and filed a lawsuit on their own seeking accountability. In many cases, without these private efforts by affected families, the facilities in these cases face no other liability. That is why it is as important as ever not to sweep these incidents under the rug.

On many occasions families may not know for sure if their loved one received inadequate care that rises to the level of legal negligence. After all, in most cases the family relies on the claims of the nursing home care workers when figuring out what happened to their injured relative. You can be sure that those caregivers are not into the business of explaining their own mistakes. Cover-ups, misleading statements, and stonewalling of information is common among some facilities more concerned with protecting their own interests than getting at the truth. Fighting back against these challenges is what nursing home attorneys do best. From understanding what happened in a nursing home fall to determining whether medication was properly used, legal professionals can help ensure you learn the truth.

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