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Levin & Perconti Attorneys Represent Family of Korean War Veteran Who Died During Veterans Home COVID-19 Outbreak

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed against The Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Levin & Perconti Law Firm is representing the estate of 90-year-old Korean War veteran Richard Cieski. In November 2020, Mr. Cieski was a resident who died after being exposed to a COVID-19 outbreak at the state-run veterans’ facility, located at 1015 Oconor Avenue in LaSalle, Illinois.

Levin & Perconti partner Michael Bonamarte said that Mr. Ciskei’s death could have been avoided had LaSalle taken appropriate precautions. That includes preventing breaks in infection control practices, understaffing care worker shifts, relaxed masking orders and disregard for proper hand hygiene, and little or no social distancing in some facility areas.


Levin & Perconti Represents Families Impacted by COVID-19 Outbreak at Illinois Veterans’ Home

The recent COVID-19 outbreak at the state-run veterans’ home in LaSalle, several investigations, and the subsequent firing of the home’s administrator, has triggered legal action directed at Illinois officials by the families of at least five dead residents. Levin & Perconti will represent the families, several of whom have described their personal tragedies with tremendous anger and frustration and overwhelming sadness, grief, and sorrow.

In an interview with Chicago’s ABC7 I-Team on December 22, Mike Bonamarte expressed tremendous and urgent concern of the situation, saying that “something happened” to trigger the November COVID-19 outbreak at the facility and that the virus was able to spread “inexcusably” inside beginning in late October, infecting more than 200 residents and staff members. Inadequate safety procedures, staff and leadership negligence, lack of personal protection equipment, and ineffective use of infection control resources likely contributed to the outbreak. Up until then, only one resident and five staff members at the home tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Levin & Perconti has filed a lawsuit against Pleasant View Luther Home, a nursing home in Ottawa, IL, on behalf of the family of Edmund Wasilewski, a former resident who was injured after allegedly falling at the facility during the week of September 22, 2017.

As a result of the fall, Mr. Wasilewski suffered hemopneumothorax, a condition comprised of two separate chest injuries: hemothorax or blood in the chest cavity, combined with pneumothorax, or air in the chest cavity. Hemopneumothorax essentially causes the lungs to separate from the ribs, cutting off a patient’s ability to breathe and is caused by chest trauma.

Mr. Wasilewski died 5 days after his fall.

The latest quarterly report on Illinois nursing home violations is in and the number of Type AA and Type A violations has increased since the first quarter of 2018.

The Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) Second Quarterly Report of Nursing Home Violators includes some repeat offenders from quarter 1, as well as one facility that received a $50,000 fine for a Type AA violation for the second time this year.

According to IDPH, Type AA violations are given when a nursing home has a “condition or occurrence at the facility that proximately caused a resident’s death.” Type A violations are situations “in which there is a substantial probability that death or serious mental or physical harm will result, or has resulted.” IDPH defines Type B Violations as those that would likely cause mental or physical harm to a resident. is reporting that a fourth lawsuit has been filed against LaSalle County Nursing Home for nursing home abuse. The nursing home sexual abuse lawsuit was brought on behalf of a 90-year-old former resident of the home and claims that she was sexually assaulted by a male resident at the facility. The suit claims that not only did this man sexually assault about a dozen residents; he also had a history of such abuse. The Illinois nursing home lawsuit is asking for $50,000 in damages for the nursing home abuse because the facility failed to protect the resident from the physical, mental and physiological injuries that she endured.

The nursing home lawsuit also states that the staff members at LaSalle County Nursing Home did nothing to protect the woman from the sexual abuse at the hands of her fellow resident. Recently, three top administrators at the nursing home have resigned and the suspect has been moved to a psychiatric facility. The Illinois nursing home has also been fined for their inaction. To read more about this nursing home lawsuit, please click the link.

This is a perfect example of how a lack of nursing home staffing can make it hard for direct care workers to provide both supervision and attention to each individual resident. Countless studies have shown that a lack in supervision can lead to serious problems with nursing home residents. These problems include injuries from falls, resident elopement and medication errors. Also, as seen in recent Illinois nursing homes, a lack of sufficient staff can lead to physical and sexual abuse amongst residents.

La Salle County is nearing a decision on hiring a full-time administrator for its nursing home. A group of county officials have implemented a new hiring practice for appointed positions during the search for a new nursing home administrator. The board chairman said he expects to announce a new nursing home administrator in the coming weeks and have that person working soon. The top three administrators at the facility after the alleged sexual abuse of 10 residents by another nursing home resident surfaced. The nursing home abuse was documented by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Currently two nursing home abuse lawsuits are pending against the county in connection with the alleged sexual molestations. Currently the nursing home has been under scrutiny for the past couple of years for failure to recognize that two staff members abused a resident when they held down the woman and forced a medical treatment. This Illinois nursing home has been suspected of all types of nursing home abuse. To learn more about the LaSalle County Nursing Home incidents, please click the link.

The second nursing home abuse lawsuit to arise from reported sexual abuse at the LaSalle County Nursing Home was filed in LaSalle County Circuit Court in Illinois. This nursing home lawsuit seeks at least $100,000 from the nursing home. The suit alleges that the nursing home allowed a sexually active male resident to have contact with a female resident between Jan. 17 and May 26. The Illinois Department of Public Health said that the male resident molested a number of female residents and was later moved to a psychiatric facility. Another sexual abuse lawsuit has already been filed against LaSalle County Nursing Home. State and federal authorities have fined the county $20,000 stating that the staff at the home did not take steps to prevent the molestations. The staff at a nursing home must be attentive in order to ensure that sexual abuse does not occur within the facility. To read more about the nursing home abuse, please click the link.

An Ottawa, Illinois man has sued the La Salle County Nursing Home on behalf of a female relative, who he alleges was sexually abused by a former resident at the nursing home. The man filed the seven-count lawsuit in La Salle County Circuit Court seeking at least $250,000 from the nursing home for allegedly failing to protect the woman. The nursing home lawsuit alleges that the victim suffered a fractured pelvic or public bone during the act. The lawsuit also states that the nursing home staff dropped the woman, causing her to break her leg. Sexual abuse at the hands of other residents has become quite common in nursing homes. Nursing homes must monitor all residents carefully and do thorough background checks to ensure that this type of elderly abuse does not occur. To read more about the sexual abuse, please click the link.

Three of the top administrators at the LaSalle County Nursing Home have been either fired or they have resigned. An interim administrator has been hired until a permanent administrator can take over. While nursing home staff could not state why there has been such a change in administration, there is a great deal of speculation. The Illinois Department of Public Health found fault this summer with the nursing home for not protecting at least 10 female residents from the sexual molestations of a male resident between January and May. The IDPH fined the county $20,000 and the federal government is considering at least a $20,000 fine for the nursing home abuse. If you or a loved one was a resident at the LaSalle County Nursing Home, please consult an Illinois lawyer. To read more about the nursing home change, please click the link.

On June 4, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) issued a report faulting the nursing home for failing to protect female residents from the molestations of a male resident between January and May. The day after report was released the resident was moved from the home to the mental unit at an Illinois hospital. Following a inspection of the home, the nursing home’s administrator claimed that staff had asked the home’s ombudsman to help develop “interventions” for the male resident. He noted that the ombudsman has a duty to report abuse and neglect and said the ombudsman did not consider the male resident’s behavior to be nursing home abuse and neglect. The ombudsman states that these accusations are false. She states that the home’s staff never asked the ombudsman to help develop interventions and that an ombudsman is prohibited from reporting or sharing information about elder neglect and abuse without permission from the resident in question. The LaSalle County Nursing Home is facing a $20,000 fine from the state and at least a possible $20,000 fine from the federal government for the elderly abuse committed by the male resident. To read more about the nursing home abuse, please click the link.

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