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Nursing Homes Cited for Mistreatment Are Flagged with Special Icon on Government Website

In 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s (CMS) Five-Star Quality Rating System via The Nursing Home Compare website added a new tool to help better identify elder-care facilities with extreme and troublesome care failures. When visiting the site, the most troubled homes, many with only a one-star rating, also display a red circle with a white hand inside. The stop-sign-like icon can be used as a way to warn families of long-term care facilities currently in non-compliance and those with a documented struggle to meet Federal and state quality care measures.

These facilities meet the following criteria:

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Online Reviews Provide Easy-to-Read Critiques of Nursing Home Care but Families Must Research and Visit Facilities Prior to Choosing a Facility

On any given day, hundreds of Illinois families are helping choose support for their loved ones from the nearly 1,200 long-term care facilities in the state. While some individuals are in the need of a nursing home for just a few days to rehabilitate from a hospital stay or injury, many will live out their remaining years requiring constant long-term care. With national reviews indicating an abuse rate of 44 percent and a neglect rate of 95 percent of these residents, selecting a nursing home for yourself or a family member must include an in-depth site visit, preferably more than one at different times, and as much time possible discussing and reviewing credible sources. Additionally, as online opportunities to review nursing home care have emerged more frequently, the additional readings of anecdotal stories and experiences shared by residents and their family members, and staff via websites and social platforms can help provide a full scope of the pros and cons of each facility – within reason.

How the Federal Government’s ‘Nursing Home Compare’ Tool Evaluates Care Standards

We spend so much time talking about the challenges of finding the right long-term care facility and the horror of some nursing home experiences, that its rare when we actually share a positive story about the aging process.

It is important to point out that growing old does not have to be fought at all costs. Many seniors are thriving, both inside and outside long-term care facilities. So long as basic standards are met, the ability to enjoy one’s golden years often depends on personal conduct and perspective.

The Joy of Old Age

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care is holding its annual meeting in October. The meeting is to be held close to Chicago, in a neighboring state. The organization prides itself on make advances in the care received by nursing home residents and works to prevent nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect and nursing home failures to supervise for patients. Organizations like NCCNHR are crucial to help obtain changes in nursing home reforms and to improve the quality of care that elder residents receive. To register for the conference or learn more information how this organization is working to improve nursing home care and long term care facilities click here.

Lisa Nerenberg, who has been involved in the field of elder abuse prevention since 1983, publishes a blog with posts concerning financial exploitation, identity theft, cognitive impairment and undue influence, care giving issues and cultural and gender issues. A recent post, “Geriatricians, Angry and Otherwise,” is a provocative commentary which highlights useful and interesting readings. The readings cover a wide range of topics, including, “the social and economic factors that contribute to elder abuse, including ageism in healthcare, inadequate pensions, and poverty,” and a surgeon’s description of the field of geriatrics. In addition, Nerenberg includes interesting references to global trends in elder abuse.

Click here to read Lisa Nerenberg’s blog

“Who Moved My Dentures? Musings on Aging” is a new blog that has proven to be relevant, informative and straightforward. Author Anthony Cirillo, author of a book with the same title, is an elder advocate who works to assure the dignity and respect of seniors. Postings cover many topics including nursing home and long-term care information.

Click here to read the blog

A warm welcome to Alison Hirschel as president of the NCCNHR. The NCCNHR focuses on such issues as nursing home abuse and neglect, adequate staffing in nursing home, working conditions of long-term care staff, resident’s rights, family support, development and support for the long-term care ombudsman program, and more. This organization has achieved great success and continues further in its work toward much needed nursing home reform.

Click here to find out more about the NCCNHR

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Committee (NPUAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating patients and medical personnel on pressure ulcer prevention and care, and advancing research in the field.

The NPUAC’s website provides helpful information including definitions of common pressure ulcer terms, and pressure ulcer prevention tips.

To visit the NPUAC’s website.

Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons – an association of people to promote the welfare of senior citizens

Administration on Aging – The federal focal point and advocate agency for older persons and their concerns

Consumer Justice Group – Nursing Home abuse and neglect information along with other useful information for consumers

The Center was fined $30,000 for failure to protect a resident from mental and sexual abuse. A resident was coerced by a staff member to have sex with another resident and promised cigarettes if they cooperated with providing sexual favors.

The Illinois Department of Public Health produces quarterly reports on nursing home violators

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