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Manor Court of Clinton, a Clinton, Illinois nursing home, has not only been cited for deficiencies but its administrator has been replaced. This comes after many complaints and an inspection by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). is reporting that the IDPH discovered that the nursing home was not in compliance with several federal regulations. Manor Court will now receive a daily fine of $400 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services until it is back in compliance. The IDPH is instrumental in investigating cases of nursing home negligence throughout the state of Illinois.

The home was cited for failure to maintain hot water and failing to relieve residents’ pressure sores. The negligent nursing home was also unable to prevent a resident from falling and was found to have insufficient nursing staffing. These issues may have led to an inability to administer and monitor resident medications. A regional long-term care ombudsmen with the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging , Tami Wacker, said her office has investigated many complaints with the Manor Court administrator. They found that when their complaints were voiced, there was an obvious lack of cooperation from the nursing home administration.

The Nursing Home Compare website does not give favorable ratings to Manor Court. The overall rating is one out of five stars and they only give the home one star for nursing home staffing. The compare website is a helpful tool in choosing a nursing home. If you or a loved one has experienced nursing home negligence at Manor Court of Clinton, please consult an Illinois nursing home attorney. To read more about the Illinois nursing home inspections, please click the link.

A New York Times article has laid out many times for helping those dealing with the stressful task of choosing a nursing home. Chief executive of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging states that you can find a nursing home with a safe, engaging and pleasant environment if you “know what to look for and how to search.” The first step is to start with the data by looking at a nursing home’s health inspection data, staffing and quality measures. You may obtain this information by going to the Medicare website and using the “nursing home compare” tool. The next helpful step is to visit the nursing home numerous times. Ask to speak with the executive director, lead physician and head nurse. Take notice as to whether staff members are being friendly with the patients. When speaking with nursing home representatives make sure to ask the nursing homes if they engage in “person-centered care” as well as “consistent assignment” These homes will allow patients to generally manage their own schedules and choose when they wake up. Finally, make sure to inquire about the staff turnover. Countless studies have found that nursing home staffs with high turnover rates are more likely to commit nursing home negligence.

There are many helpful sources for choosing a nursing home in Illinois. The Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti recommend visiting the Illinois Department of Health’s Website to examine information on each nursing home in Illinois. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program at the Illinois Department of Aging is another helpful resource for families choosing a nursing home for a loved one. They run a Senior Helpline that you may access by calling 1-800-252-8966.

The Clarion Ledger has recently posted an article discussing the needs of nursing homes to carry insurance. The article points out that many nursing homes do not carry enough liability insurance to cover damages caps if a nursing home abuse lawsuit is filed. Many nursing homes face lawsuits after physical and sexual abuse or nursing home neglect. Nursing homes should be required to carry enough insurance to cover a vulnerable person that is injured, mistreated or abused while a resident at the home.

In Mississippi, a current House Bill 536 would require non-government nursing homes to carry $500,000 in liability coverage which is equivalent to the amount that the government nursing homes must carry under the Tort Claims Act. While this out-of-state legislation may seem like an obvious need to those who believe in elderly rights, many insurance companies and nursing home lobbyists are working diligently to try to kill the bill before it reaches the Senate. Since nursing homes have received the damage caps they believe are so important, it is imperative that they carry insurance. The elderly need and deserve the accountability afforded to them with the passage of HB 536. To read more about the nursing home legislation, please check out the link.

Illinois is one of the states that does not require nursing homes to carry liability insurance. We hope that new Illinois nursing home reform legislation will require homes to operate with insurance. The Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys at Levin & Perconti encourage people to ask if a nursing home carries insurance before entrusting a loved one to the facility. Researching a nursing home’s insurance information is an important step to ensuring your family members rights in the event of an injury caused by negligence.

The USA Today has released a report stating that one in five of the country’s 15,700 nursing homes were found on the lower end of the five-star scale. It seems that almost all of the nursing home receiving one or two stars are owned by-for-profit corporations. The stars reflect inspections performed in the nursing homes as well as complaint investigations. Most owners must take responsibility for the consequences of the poorly performing nursing homes. The lowest-rated facilities have averaged about 14 deficiencies per site. These deficiencies include nursing home abuse and safety violations. You may visit the nursing home compare website by clicking on the link. Many Chicago nursing homes only have one star. These include: Alden Princeton; Avenue Care Center; Belhaven Nursing & Rehab Center; Kenwood Healthcare Center; and Waterfront Terrace. The nursing home negligence attorneys at Levin & Perconti have filed numerous lawsuits against one-star nursing homes in Chicago. They have also noticed that many of these homes have not improved their ratings and continue to commit Chicago nursing home abuse.

To read the story concerning the low star nursing homes, please click the link.

Among the 15,547 nursing homes in a set of U.S. News ranking, there are 131 that have been tagged as “Special-Focus Facilities.” They are red flagged as SFFs. These nursing homes have long histories of inconsistent or subpar health inspections. A nursing home is labeled as an SFF if first there are consecutive inspections with deficiencies; second that that deficiency affected many residents; finally that that problem remains unresolved on follow-up inspections. If a home is labeled as an SFF it can lose its Medicare and Medicaid credentials. If you are looking at a nursing home labeled as an SFF stay armed with questions.

Alden Wentworth and International are just two examples of nursing home conglomerates in Illinois that have had bad track records. To discover what makes a nursing home bad, please check out the link.

In a typical year more than 3.2 million Americans will spend at least some time in a nursing home. The U.S. News ranks and displays data about almost every nursing home in the country. They rely on the Nursing Home Compare which is a program run by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It analyzes information on all the homes enrolled in the program and looks at three arrears: health inspections, nurse staffing and measure of care. At the Nursing Home Compare website you can search for a specific home or ones in a certain area. Health inspections include safety matters such as food preparation and infection control. Nurse staffing report the average number of residents per nurse. The area of quality measures includes areas such as pain, bedsores and mobility. Doing research is an important process of choosing a nursing home. This must be done in order to avoid nursing home negligence. To learn more about the nursing home ratings, please click the link.

Choosing a nursing home should be a carefully thought out process, yet it is usually done in a rush after a loved one is about to be discharged from a hospital. However, medical reporter Lee Bowman has some advice on how to choose a nursing home. First, start with the U.S. Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services’ Nursing Home Compare, a database that ranks 15,700 nursing home facilities on a star system. Around 12 to 13 percent of nursing homes have the top rating, slightly more than 20 percent the lowest. Experts recommend finding a nursing home close to the patient’s home for the simple reason that it’s easier for family and friends to visit. He suggests meeting the home administrator and inspecting the home’s public areas for upkeep and cleanliness. One way to ensure that nursing home abuse will be diminished is to look for longevity among the key caregivers. To read more strategies about nursing home care, please click the link.

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After rising concerns about the treatment of Illinois nursing home residents, the Illinois Senate’s public health committee met today to discuss racial disparities in quality and care. The hearing stemmed from an investigation by the Chicago Reporter magazine that identified inequities between nursing homes where the majority of residents are black and homes where a majority of residents are white. The nursing home article featured testimony from a Levin & Perconti client. Illinois has the highest number of poorly rated nursing homes nationwide. Chicago has even more disparities, where the lowest rating was given to nearly 60 percent of the 30 black nursing homes. On the other side of the spectrum, 11 percent of the city’s 45 white homes received the lowest rating. Also, black nursing homes averaged more violations than white homes. The Chicago Reporter article also found that residents at black facilities received less care from highly trained staff than their white counterparts. A law professor testified that the Midwest has the highest degree of racial segregation among its nursing homes. Chicago is ranked sixth out of the 10 metropolitan areas with the most racially segregated nursing home populations. To read more about the hearing, please click the link.

A new website allows family and friends of nursing home residents to access, rate and share information regarding Illinois nursing homes. It allows you to ask questions and view relevant information regarding nursing homes. This website will help you determine where to place your loved ones while avoiding nursing home negligence. To view the nursing home website, please click the link.

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