Are Illinois’ Veterans Receiving Better Care?

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Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs Submits First Required Biannual Report

The first required biannual report for the Illinois State Veterans Homes has now been published for the reporting period of July 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 and highlights the number of complaints made by residents including those listed in a “Resident Grievance Log” and required follow-up by staff, information on any epidemic reported at a veterans home, the number of cases and information on the cases, and action taken by the homes to eradicate the spread of communicable disease. The new reporting requirements enacted in 2018 by Illinois lawmakers mandate the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Act (20 ILCS 2805/2.13) direct the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs (IOVA) to report the following information to the Illinois General Assembly:

  • The number and nature of complaints made by residents;
  • Information on any epidemic reported at a Veterans Home;
  • The number of cases and information on the cases,
  • The action taken by the Veterans Home to eradicate the spread of communicable disease.

The first report of its kind in Illinois focused on state-operated veterans’ homes at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, in Anna, LaSalle and Manteno. Although our attorneys are not naive to know events of neglect and abuse are likely still lingering, we were pleased to review these initial findings and see that none of the facilities reported an illness epidemic that required reporting to the Illinois Department of Public Health like the incident in 2015, when the misdiagnoses and poorly managed care of residents with Legionnaires’ disease claimed the lives of 13 residents of the state-run veterans home in Quincy. In addition, according to the first biannual report, only three resident grievances were filed in Quincy, and later resolved. However, the Illinois Veterans Home in Manteno received the most issues posted in the “Resident Grievance Log” and included problems such as residents who felt they were inappropriately spoken to and feeling discriminated against. Other Manteno residents filed grievances regarding lack of paper towels in restrooms, waste baskets being full of trash, personal items being stolen, personal hygiene concerns, complaints of employees who are “mean-spirted” and major problems with meal schedules and room temperatures.

Veterans Deserve Protections Against Nursing Home Abuse, Neglect and Preventable Diseases

In 2019, abuse, neglect and communicable diseases should not be deadly risk factors in health care environments, a place where vulnerable patients who are already ill have fewer positive outcomes. If a veteran close to you has fallen ill or died because of negligent care while a resident of a nursing home, a patient at a hospital, or a guest or resident of an Illinois veterans’ facility, the Illinois nursing home and personal injury attorneys of Levin and Perconti can help you determine if you have cause to pursue legal action on behalf of them.

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