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Bedsore Lawsuit Leads to $5.4 Million Verdict for Victim

One form of Illinois nursing home lawsuit that occurs with disappointing frequency involves residents who develop bedsores at facilities that do not provide the oversight needed to or should reasonably expect. Bedsores (or pressure sores) are lesions on the skin resulting from constant pressure on the body-usually areas of bony prominence. The pressure on those areas leads to decreased blood flow and ultimately a variety of medical complications. In the most severe cases, pressure sores cause extensive damage to the muscles, bones, and tissues surrounding the sore.

The frequency of sore development is surprising considering that they are almost always preventable. Immobility, poor nutrition, inadequate hydration, diabetes, and other risk factors can be identified and accounted for to prevent the development of bedsores. A nursing home’s failure to conduct adequate check on residents, reposition, ensure proper eating and drinking, and similar actions is never excusable.

SI Live recently shared the story of one man who develop severe bedsores because of the negligence of his caretakers at a hospital and a nursing home. That ill-treatment led to the development of a hip infection (among other problems) that put him in a wheelchair with uncertainty around whether he will ever be able to walk again.

The victim in this case was first brought to the hospital after suffering a bizarre episode that doctors later diagnosed as encephalopathy or brain dysfunction. But the man’s real problems began after a few days at the facility when he developed bedsores. The conditions of the sores worsened and it wasn’t long before medical complications developed. He was shuffled between the hospital and nursing homes in the interim as infections spread around his body-including on his hip which lead to the wheelchair use.

Eventually the victim filed a lawsuit against the facilities that caused his bedsores, both the hospital and a nursing home. A trial commenced last week and the jury returned a verdict in favor of the man. They found that both his hospital and a nursing home that he attended were responsible for poor care and were required to pay $5.4 million for their conduct.

Illinois nursing home bedsores should never be allowed to develop and cause injury to vulnerable area residents. Our Illinois injury attorneys have worked with many victims of this form of negligence. We urge all victims to step forward to hold their wrongdoers accountable for their poor treatment.

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