Bed Sore Lawsuit Filed After Infection Causes Death

A bed sore lawsuit was recently filed by the husband of a woman who died from complications due to an infection acquired at a hospital. About Lawsuits explains that the lawsuit alleges that physicians at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital were negligent in their duties to prevent the development of complications for a 60-year old stroke victims. Their substandard care may have led to the woman’s unfortunate death.

The wrongful death lawsuit explains how the victim had suffered a stroke and spent three days sedated and unable to move following her stabilization. Yet, her medical professionals failed to properly account for the potential of bed sore development resulting from the immobility. As a result of their negligence, the woman had several sores develop which then became infected by fecal contamination. In a spiral downward, doctors were never able to return her to proper health following that infection. She underwent several surgeries in the following two months, but eventually passed away from the complications from the pressure sores.

The complaint which officially started the lawsuit proceedings explained that the professionals should have performed basic tasks to identify and treat the sores earlier. Those who have familiarity with common, preventable complications in these matters know that bed sores develop when blood flow stops at a particular area of the body. This occurs when a victim has pressure on one area for a considerable length of time without movement-that is why they are often also known as pressure sores. The areas that are most susceptible to these problems are areas with prominent bones and only minimal layers of skin, such as elbows, heels, and tailbones.

Nursing home residents are particularly at risk of suffering from these complications because they frequently have mobility problems. They are often dependent on their caregivers to provide proper movement and relief to those areas which may develop the sores. Even with the risks, it is accepted that bed sores can almost always be prevented if proper, consistent care is provided to the vulnerable patients and residents. Early detection of these sores is essential to ensure that infection does not develop.

Our Chicago nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti are well versed in the legal aspects related to bed sore developments and deaths. Pressure sores present the most damaging risks when they are allowed to linger, increasing the change that an infection will develop and enter the bloodstream-a complication known as sepsis. Ensure that your medical professional acknowledges these issues, and hold them accountable if they fail to properly prevent bedsores.

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