Be aware of the many types of elder abuse and neglect to help keep seniors safe

There are many different forms of elder abuse and neglect and it is important to watch for signs of abuse in order to protect loved ones. Anyone over age 60 can be a victim of elder abuse. Elder abuse and neglect comes in many forms:

Physical abuse
Emotional abuse includes verbal assaults, threats, intimidation and harassment –Confinement is restricting an elderly person without their consent. Many believe that restraining seniors with Alzheimer’s or other illnesses should be restrained in order to prevent wandering off. This is illegal and there are better alternatives –Passive neglect is when a loved one, caregiver, nursing home or assisted living facility is unable to provide a senior with the care they need. This can include failing to provide medication at appropriate times, causing malnutrition or dehydration by forgetting meals, allowing falls due to lack of supervision, allowing bed sores to develop as a result of neglect, failing to monitor the hygiene of the elderly person and more.
Financial exploitation is the misuse of a senior’s money, accounts, insurance, etc. It is the most commonly reported form of elder abuse. Many different types of people can exploit elders financially including family members, caregivers and employees of nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
Sexual abuse is any type of sexual act or conduct performed against the elderly person’s will.

If you are aware of elder abuse or suspect that a senior is being abused, call the Illinois elder abuse hotline at (866) 800-1409. It is available 24 hours a day.

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