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Augusta, Georgia Nursing Home Settles Pressure Sore Wrongful Death Suit the Night Before Trial

Salem Nursing & Rehab in Augusta, Georgia, also known as Amara Health Care & Rehab, settled a wrongful death lawsuit on the eve before the case was set to go to trial. The widow of a man who suffered and ultimately died from gangrene-infected pressure sores was pursuing action against Amara after her husband was sent to the facility to receive rehab services as a result of a stroke in 2011. In less than than 1.5 years, Mr. Patrick Manning, the decedent, developed pressure sores and was found to be dehydrated and malnourished. His widow, Mrs. Norma Manning, alleged that poor care caused the rapid decline in her husband’s health that ultimately led to his death.

Amara Health Care Had History of Violations & Lawsuits
Unsurprisingly, Salem Nursing & Rehab (aka Amara Health Care) had consistently received a less than average rating through Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as a result of numerous standards violations and had been named in several lawsuits in the last 10 years. A recent search on Nursing Home Compare shows that the facility received 1 star (the lowest rating) at its latest health inspection and has an overall star rating of 2 (below average). Just this past May the facility declared bankruptcy and was sold off to University Health Care System in Augusta.

While the dollar amount of the settlement is unknown, an attorney for Mrs. Manning said that she was satisfied with the outcome.

Pressure Sores: A Preventable Injury and Cause of Death
Pressures sores, also known as pressure ulcers or bed sores, can happen to anyone who is immobile and placed in the same position on a firm surface for extended periods of time. Pressure sores are a hard diagnosis to swallow because they are a completely preventable injury and as such are considered a form of nursing home neglect. Preventing pressure ulcers is as simple as frequently rotating a patient, keeping them clean and dry, providing proper nutrition and allowing them to move around (if their condition allows). If left untreated, pressure sores can cause serious overwhelming infections that can be deadly. The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at Levin & Perconti have represented the loved ones of many victims of bed sores, including an Illinois record settlement for a 59 year old woman who developed multiple pressure ulcers while at a nursing home to recover from a stroke. If you or a loved one have suffered from pressure sores while a resident at a nursing home, please contact us to see how we can help. Consultations with our experienced attorneys are free and confidential.

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