Another Act of Nursing Home Abuse Allegedly Caught on Tape

Each Illinois elder neglect attorney at our firm is familiar with the way that technology advances are changing the way that abuse and neglect are identified and wrongdoers held accountable. Perhaps the most obvious change is the increasing number of instances of neglect caught on video camera. The proliferation of recording devices means that much more of our lives in all capacities are memorialized on film or in digital format.

Our Chicago nursing home attorneys have worked on cases where video footage proved instrumental to show the misconduct that took place. Obviously that sort of evidence is hard to beat in the legal process when the truth is attempted to be uncovered
More and more similar cases are popping up. For example, CNN reported last month on a new case where a group home employee was allegedly caught on tape abusing a woman with intellectual disabilities. It is a tragic reminder of the nursing home abuse and neglect that strikes so many in various settings, including these in group homes. According to the story the video was mailed to operators of the facility. Upon viewing the contents of the tape the employee in question was placed on administrative leave without pay.

The contents of the tape are apparently quite disturbing. It allegedly shows the employee kicking the resident in the stomach, hitting her with a belt, and dragging her body across the floor by her hair. That sort of conduct is clearly despicable, and it boils the blood to think about how anyone could treat another vulnerable individual that way–let alone one paid precisely to provide care to the resident.

There remains some mystery about the videotape. It was sent to the home operators on a DVD with the label “The Perfect Employee.” There were no other details provided.

The facility in question is a privately held nonprofit home which contracts with the state’s department of developmental services to provide necessary care to residents with certain mental disabilities. Obviously, it is essentially for the state–and all those who care about preventing nursing home abuse and neglect–to fully investigate to determine how this was allowed to occur.

Those involved argue that no other residents have been affected and that this was an isolated incident. That may be true. However, this sort of misconduct often occurs in bunches. When an individual employee is capable of abuse it is rare for the harm to occur only once or only to a single resident. In addition, when conditions at a home are such that neglect is possible, that mistreatment affects many residents–not just one. That is one of many reasons to ensure these instances are not swept under the rug, ignored, or not given enough attention.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by mistreatment, neglect, or outright abuse at any sort of care facility, be sure to seek help to ensure proper accountability In our area, the Chicago nursing home attorneys at our firm are proud to ensure legal redress. This is one important way that changes are guaranteed to prevent any other resident from facing similar mistreatment.

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