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Alzheimer’s Disease Common in Nursing Home Residents

Alzheimer’s Disease is common in nursing home populations. Loved ones of a nursing home resident suffering from the disease need to ensure that the resident is properly cared for. Nursing home residents may be prone to wandering and elopement if they are suffering from the disease. Nursing homes supervision of elderly residents is crucial to prevent elder resident injuries and elder resident accidents. There are several warning signs that can help a loved one to determine if someone they know is suffering from the disease. These warning signs can alert one to seek proper medical attention for a nursing home resident. The warning signs promulgated by the Alzheimer’s Association are as follows:
1) Memory Loss 2) Difficulty performing familiar tasks 3) Problems with language 4) Disorientation to time and place 5) Poor or decreased judgment 6) Problems with abstract thinking 7) Misplacing things 8) Changes in mood or behavior 9) Changes in Personality and 10) Loss of initiative
To learn more about the disease check out information on the official Alzheimer’s Association site.

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