Aide Accused of Nursing Home Abuse with Deprivation of Bed Pad

The Chillicothe Gazette reported last week on disturbing new allegations at a nearby nursing home about poor treatment and elder abuse.

An aide at the facility is under investigation following an incident that occurred earlier this month. According to a report acquiring by the local police, the nursing home victim had trouble getting out of bed to reach the bathroom. Because of that he asked for a bed pan to prevent accidents. The aide who took the request apparently used the occasion to vent her temper. The aide took the bed pan and through it at the resident-it hit in the stomach and left a visible bruise.

Another resident reports the same aide yelling at the victim. When the victim similarly asked for a bed pan, the aide threw it about five feet from the bedridden resident, claimed that she “didn’t have time for this…[and that the victim] can use your diaper all night.”

The nursing home was informed of the allegations before the police investigation. However, it is yet unclear if the facility took any action.

Unfortunately, similar Illinois nursing home abuse occurs with startling frequency at facilities throughout our area. Readers of this blog are well aware of the egregious examples of delayed care, physical abuse, and sexual misconduct perpetrated against vulnerable seniors at many nearby facilities. Some of those local cases ultimately help raise awareness of the problem-usually after a Chicago nursing home lawsuit is filed. However, many other incidents go unreported and the victims continue to suffer in silence.

Our Chicago nursing home attorneys believe that all nursing home residents deserve to live in an environment free of fear of attack. There is no excuse for nursing home employees failing to provide safety to their vulnerable residents. It is particularly egregious for a known risk to be allowed access to more residents, resulting in a vicious attack. Be sure to contact a local nursing home lawyer if you know of poor care at a facility near you.

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