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Advocates Concerned About Inequality in Nursing Home Pressure Sore Rates

Any nursing home abuse lawyer will likely tell you that cases of nursing home neglect are not spread out evenly across facilities. In other words, certain poorly run homes are often the site of the bulk of problematic care. It is for this reason that taking the time to study the options and analyzing the safety rates of nearby facilities is important for all local families who want to ensure that their loved one does not fall victim to Illinois elder neglect.

However, while most experienced advocates understand that some facilities are better than others, many were surprised to learn of new studies this year which found that black nursing home resident were more likely to develop pressure ulcers (or bed sores)-the development of which is one particularly common and dangerous form of neglect. The study assessed various high-risk patients who are those that have mobility problems and may be prone to develop the sores with inadequate movement, repositioning, and skin treatment. Of those residents analyzed in the study, 10.5% of whites and 15.9% of black residents developed the bed sores. This means that black residents were noticeably more likely to develop these problems than their white counterparts in the same position.

Part of this discrepancy is likely related back to the problem of systematic problems with care at certain facilities. Nursing homes with larger black populations showed higher overall rates of sore developing, meaning that black residents are more often forced to live in less than adequate facilities. Researchers found that those facilities with a higher black population had lower staffing levels, were commonly found in urban centers, and most often run as a for-profit facilities. Inadequate staffing and for-profits facilities are consistently found to have higher instances of nursing home neglect. However, a closer looks reveals that the answer is much more complicated than that. Even at nursing homes that had a population with at least 35% black residents the development rate for black residents was nearly twice as high as that for white residents.

Researchers have yet to develop a clear understanding of why this discrepancy exists. Further analysis of the data shows that those who are most at risk seems to be black residents who are younger and male with a history of diabetes and stroke. This is consistent with previous research which found that male residents and those with severe illnesses/injury have the highest rate of pressure sore development.

Our Illinois nursing home lawyers have helped literally hundreds of families whose loved ones have suffered neglect in nursing homes that took the form of bed sores. We understand the damage that these ulcers have on victims. Our attorneys are also well versed in the ways that these sores can and should also be prevented, treated, and controlled. If you or someone that you know has developed one of these sores, it is vital to contact professional help to learn about how the law protects those in this situation. By coming forward and explaining the mistreatment at these facilities, victims often help other residents who have been suffering the same problems in silence.

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