Adult children caring for senior parents pay a high price

As the care that elderly parents require increases with their age, adult children frequently struggle to keep up with their parents’ needs. A recent poll indicated that 41% of baby boomers are providing either financial or personal care, with another 37% indicating that they plan to do so in the future. However, as adult children begin to care for their aging parents, the tolls are financial, physical, and emotional.

The costs of caring for a parent go beyond the expenses of prescriptions. The time demands of caring for a parent can require a reduction in the hours a family member can work. The physical demands are also taxing, as family members who care for their parents must find the energy to do so before work, after work, and sometimes in the middle of the night. Finally, the emotional demands are substantial as the child must now assume the role and responsibilities of the parent. Although the decision to place a parent into senior day care, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home can be difficult on several levels, the most important thing to consider is the best interests of the elderly parent.

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